From Angst to Sturm: Day 4 cont’d (Nov.7 2008)

In Uncategorized on November 8, 2008 at 3:36 am

The bravest redhead can also be the fieriest redhead. She’s a little at odds with the idea of her story getting out to the larger public. Sure it’s all fine in her mind for our inner circle, next-to-inner and a then few more concentric circles of friends to be privy to her new purchase on life. Problem is, Alex the performer has always (and I mean always) been very private about her struggle with Cystic Fibrosis. A well-kept trade secret, so to speak. She has wanted to be judged only on her artistic merits, and not by any perceived disability. Oh yeah, she also likes it when people thinks she looks hot.

Well we all know that Alex is a red hot mama. Looks hot. Sounds sublime. Has been a self-actualizing and powerful presence in the Canadian jazz music scene pretty much since she was a kid. Judged solely on her own merits. So one might understand how nervous she is with the news of her transplant getting out. And how friggin’ feisty she can get when she thinks the news might be getting out to a few too many people.

She was feisty tonight when I saw her. I am pretty sure the blood transfusion was a success. She let me know that I need to be careful and contain my joy and my exuberance a little bit. Not get over-zealous and go all press-releasy or anything like that. This is her show and she wants to be the one who lets the whole world know what’s up. And in her own good time.

Can I tell you how great it feels to  be given proper shit from a woman who is flat on her back with tubes, IVs, leg compressors, blood gas lines and electrodes sticking into and out of her? Whose new lungs haven’t even been in her body for 72 full hours yet?  It feels great!

I guess all I am saying friends is, for the sake of Alex the performer


No press releases quite yet, eh.

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