Deja Vuesday: Day 8 (Nov. 11, 2008)

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Well a truly short one tonight. Only because in many respects today mirrored yesterday (except that today had no midday anxiety bout). And Alex remains in the Step Down unit. Meh.

Well, she is only in Step Down because there are no single beds on The Floor down on 7 for her. Cystic Fibrosis patients all get their own single isolated rooms now because there was an outbreak of a bug amongst some CF’ers last month, and a new safety protocol has been established.  I won’t go into the details but this bug only affects CF patients and can really compromise them. So much better safe than sorry.

Problem is, the nurse and doctors are eager to get her down there so she will work a little harder. She’ll have to take a bit more care of herself and as such will have to move around a little bit more. You see where this is going…

The more she moves the better she feels, the better she feels the more she moves. Repeat ad nausem. Again.

They want to get her to be less fidgety and more focussed on pushing herself to the max. Not to sweat the “small stuff” but to sweat it out as she does the big stuff. I heartily concur. I feel as if I am constantly trying to come up with ways to “trick” her into doing little bits of effort. Or cajoling her to keep at that incentive spirometer. Or coughing. Or to do deep breathing and relax and stretch that rib cage to allow for bigger and better breaths. The pep talk helped last night, but it remains an issue to keep her moving. Have to be mindful that we don’t do too much for her when she can now begin to do things for herself. But then we can’t push her too hard either because we want to find the balance between will and exhaustion.

She had a good physio session this morning. She walked 3 times around the floor. She looked good and her oxygen saturation was good. Still have to get that fluid out of her though. She continues on a diuretic to get rid of it. By day’s end her ankles were finally looking closer to what they did pre-surgery. What’s the word? Trim. Yep. Getting there.

I read Alex some stories from the newspaper told by veterans from the wars. Today is Remembrance Day, and since Alex can’t possibly go anywhere to observe the day we thought it would be a good idea to take some time to remember at 11am. There was a story about a fellow that got trapped behind enemy lines. Another told by a nurse who tended blind soldiers. We both wondered aloud about how brave and tough these individuals were, how they could endure such intense situations with pretty much a single goal in mind. Wondered about how different times bred different people. I am sure that there were lots of young men and women who just wished to get the hell home. But they were there, and they were made of strong stuff and they persevered. Alex has always been a bit of a war historian (I know, strange for a gal jazz singer) and I can’t help but think that she identifies with the soldiers’ tales of privation and struggle. So hat’s off to the vets from both of us, eh.

I went back this evening and took over from Alex’s mom. I guess Alex managed to nap for most of the afternoon (a first). Although Connie and I aren’t sure that this afternoon nap time is a good thing. Don’t think the docs and nurses like it either. Gotta get more into the boot camp mentality, absurd as that might sound. Hopefully Alex will have a smooth sleep and she’ll get down to the 7th floor and really pour it on tomorrow.

Maybe she’ll find the tales of the soldiers a good motivation to forge ahead. 




And hey, keep your comments coming folks, every little bit you send her way raises her spirits to face the next day!   S’good to hear from folks “back home”!


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