You’d Better Watch Out, You’d Better Not Pout…Day 12 (Nov. 15, 2008)

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If Alex’s hospital room was a condo, it’d be advertised as one that has a million dollar view. Great northern exposure looking out to the House of Commons, a person can look out and see the weather, Queen’s Park Circle, and all manner of goings on. Today is no exception, as her room also afforded an excellent view of the 103rd Santa Claus Parade!

I got over early so as to avoid the traffic, pedestrian and vehicular. The shot above shows an eager Alex waiting to see what the next float might bring. She enjoyed the parade, in particular seeing the police horses at its front. She was, however, stricken with more than a wee bit of sadness as she misses her pony Gypsy terribly. Hey, I told her, before long you’ll be riding her like you haven’t been able to for years. That cheered her up somewhat, but I know that in the back of her mind is the thought that she won’t be mounting up for almost half a year. This from a woman who rode her horse every other day. She misses touching her amiga! 

Well the multitude of penguins, polar bears, clowns, marching bands, twirlers and myriad other participants in the parade cheered her up considerably. And oh yes…the big fellow in the red suit was a thrill for certain. We couldn’t really hear much through the hospital windows so we listened to Alex’s Christmas record. She is so very proud of how she put this record together, and equally proud of the stellar musicians who she gets to work with. She’d say “Oh Drew…what a violinist!” or ” Listen to Ross play that thing!”. These guys mean the world to her, so it was really great to have them “performing” for us as we watched the parade. Not to mention hearing the bravest redhead sing!


Bird's eye view of the Parade

Where's Santa? Where's Santa? Where's Santa?


Previous to the parade we’d made yet another good walk around the hospital. Alex is getting stronger by the day on these walks. She even tried an incline this afternoon. Said she could feel it in her legs. I was proud of her and I told her so after she’d returned to her room with 96% oxygen saturation. That and watching a two hour parade took a lot out of her, so I left her to nap for a couple of hours.

I returned a few hours later with a pizza from our favorite joint, Terroni. This was the first bit of “outside” food that Alex has eaten. She savoured it, and I did as well. Accompanied by a nice limonata, I could see that the days of hospital food might be coming to an end soon. I will bring anything I can into her to get her eating and strong, so I look forward to more dinner dates at Casa General. I read Alex the latest round of messages that you all have sent in in via the “comment” box. Lots of great encouraging words, everyone! It really makes Alex feel good to know that many people are looking out for her. Thank you.

Oh yes, before I forget…on the subject of the limonata accompaniment. Limonata is a sparkling Italian beverage. Quite intense and tasty, a little goes a long way. It’s also quite gaseous. It made Alex issue an enormous belch, something the nurses here heartily endorse, as it gets rid of harmful internal gasses. I usually sort of cringe when Alex does this at the table at home. She says she does it because she “hangs out with so many musicians”. Yeah, sure. Well, she burped so loud we started laughing and she laughed so hard it made her cry. It made her cry because she thought it was funny, but also merely that fact that she could burp and guffaw made her really emotional and happy. Plus she was in pain. She laughed until her stitches caused considerable discomfort. And of course that made us laugh even more. She wanted me to share this with you, by the way. It was truly a landmark bit of wind on the guts.


So after dinner we took another stroll and Alex’s “numbers” were good again. The main goals over the next few days are:

1/ find out results of her broncospcopy in terms of rejection

2/ get the chest tubes out to allow her more mobility

3/ get “titrated” or weaned off the oxygen nose prongs

4/ physio! physio! physio!

Stay tuned for the week ahead and we shall how the story unfolds, folks.

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