Canalis Extractum: Day 13 (November 17, 2008)

In Uncategorized on November 18, 2008 at 6:23 am

Big Day today! Alex got the final two chest tubes out. She no longer has to drag around 8 feet of surgical tubing and two big plastic containers, and is already feeling the freedom that represents. Granted, she’s still tethered by the occasional IV line and her oxygen, but these are removed a lot easier than those tubes. They’re next in line.

The three resident doctors came in around 6 o’clock sort of like a combination of furnace repairmen, brainy game show contestants, and very bright healing men. They tease the new Japanese resident and call him “Professor”, as he is a real shining light brilliant fellow but sort of goofy at the same time. He has a rarry shick Japanese accent as well. He told me that in Japan they don’t even study Cystic Fibrosis in Med school (it’s a caucasian disease). But the other two fellows obviously really respect this guy. The doctors go in and out of rooms so fast they don’t like to tie up their long scrubs, so the outfits more or less dangle from their arms. So two of them joke with Alex, they put all their gear on top of her legs (which are under the sheet) and then they lean down beside her. They get her to breathe in, then out, then hold it and…pop.  Out goes the right one. Ploop. Out comes the left one. The stitches are sutures, and they simply pull them closed, cut the leftover stitch, apply some big bandages and that’s it. All this while the other doctor is just as thrilled checking out our retro/modern clock radio.


Alex was thrilled. These guys really put her at ease. Told her she’d be up and at’em in no time, but to go easy for a couple hours. And then they were gone, the tubes and fluid-filled containers in yellows garbage bags. We both remarked on how future patients of these guys are going to be in great hands. Fantastic and charming bedside manner, but at the same time so clearly knowledgeable and on top of what they were doing. Oh yeah, the guy that liked the clock radio too.

The rest of the day was about resting up, and then a shorter than usual evening walk (without those chest tubes!) We sat in the room after and Alex just sounded so much like herself. We talked a lot about the metamorphosis that is slowly occurring. About trying our best to never take great things for granted, about living out all the things we’ve been dreaming about.  About getting out there and singing and playing and having a blast. See what I mean? She sounds just like herself.


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