Wheeeew!: Day 14 (Nov. 18, 2008)

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5:30 pm 

Two weeks ago at this time Alex was in an operating room with one old lung and one new lung in her chest, awaiting the replacement of the second old lung, and three hours to go with her surgery. Today she could let out a big sigh of relief, in that her broncoscopy test has shown that she was not rejecting. The “just in case” megadose of anti-rejection and anti-viral meds delivered over the weekend has aided Alex in getting free of the drainage tubes, off the IV (just this morning) and at minimal oxygen supplementation. The transplant team is now thinking about sending Alex home on Friday! I am just home for a little while, so this missive is brief. I will augment this good news later this evening. But for now, consider the above a headline “on steroids”, if you will.

1am – Much later this evening, Wednesday now…

Yep, good feelings have continued. Alex went through all of her nightly routines as per usual, but tonight she was unhindered. She didn’t even have her nose prongs in for most of the time I was there. Not too much more to add to the great news that I wrote earlier. Just a general feeling that change is afoot, that it’s positive and generally leaning toward us being at home again and returning to some semblance of our “domestic” life together. It will no doubt be another challenging stage of Alex’s reinvigorated life with new lungs, and we’re eagerly anticipating the day she is “sent packing”.

This is not to say that our hospital experience has been anything short of revelatory. I think that I can speak for Alex when I write that this has been nothing short of a profoundly moving, eye-opening experience. And I fully realize, as does she, that she is just beginning to fathom what has happened over the last two weeks. Alex is quite keen now to explore this. We had a great chat after our walk through the halls this evening. I think that it means she is becoming less focussed now on physical pain and hardship, and she is coming into what will be the next stage of the post-transplant process. She is sounding more and more like herself, following her own (and not the narcotic and steoroidal) paths of reasoning. Oh yeah, she’s also hanging out in her room in a t-shirt, pajama bottoms, and a kangaroo jacket, with not a line connected to her as off midnight tonight. Now THAT’S reasonable.


A milestone of sorts for Alex took place today. Her new favorite nurse Taryn gave Alex a spa day. The bravest redhead experienced the wonderful experience of a post-operative hair washing chez Toronto General. Yep, it’s been that long and Alex was literally itching for it. What better way for her to celebrate the news that going home is now on the horizon, huh?


A highlight of tonight, beyond the sense of relief from the good news and a shiny new mane, was our nightly reading of your “comments” to Alex. As usual, she loves to hear your supportive words. They are an integral part of her struggle and healing here. You all mean so much to her !


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