Little bit of Limbo: Day 16 (Nov. 20, 2008)

In Uncategorized on November 21, 2008 at 4:28 am

There are two kinds of limbo. The older form is most recognized and celebrated in the Catholic church (and I am not a Roman Catholic, so forgive me if I am misled here). Most people know it as that feeling where you’re caught betwixt and between, neither here nor there, waiting insufferably…


In religious terms it means you’re stuck in an eternal resting place that is neither heaven nor hell. You find yourself (or rather, your soul) in some sort of non-resting place, an anxiety ridden never really fully complete domain.  Waiting for something, anything, that never seems to arrive. In the weeks and months leading up to Alex’s transplant this is essentially how we felt all of the time. Hey, we had many great times out riding in the woods on Gypsy and Mister, lots of fine times in the backyard eating BBQ, and those swims out at Connie and John’s were life-savers. But Alex was always sitting on the idea that her new lungs were right around the corner, and she was not feeling all that she wanted to feel or might feel. She (and I and all of us) were waiting, and waiting and waiting….


The other definition is much less sacred and a little more profane. It’s that crazy fun dance where you move yourself under a piece of bamboo (or a broom) to see how much you can bend. THAT is where Alex (& I and all of us) find ourselves today. We’re waiting to get her home and start living the fun and exciting life that is there in front of us! The plan is to get her home tomorrow.  She has to see a lot of different people in advance of getting out, lots of tests and things to do, but by this time Friday night the hope is to have her home sweet home.

You know, the broom in the limbo picture actually makes sense. I came home early tonight to spruce the place up a bit for my darlin’. It’s been a bit neglected as of late. So hey, you’ll have to excuse me! I gotta get to work. Next post is gonna come from the li’l lady herself!

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