Home again Home again…Day 18 (Nov.22, 2008)

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Home again Home again…

Well, So, Here I am!

After a rollercoaster of a Friday in which I had an anxiety attack that had me barfing up my anti rejection and desaturating quite a bit, the question of my discharge was somewhat up for debate…  Nothing like another bout of Irish willfulness in which I went AWOL and walked myself quite capably to the Pulmonary Function Lab, did a beauty x-ray and brought my sats back up to save the day in the end!  In short, my lung function is more than DOUBLE what it was before transplant with more to come in the days and weeks to follow, I’m reassured. I was so excited to see the linear representation of my lung capacity change from it’s pre transplant “shriveled carrot” shape to a nice round pile of marshmallows post-transplant! Oh yes, and this of course meant DISCHARGE!  To think I almost psyched myself out of freedom!  Driving home was great: leaving the hospital, feeling the cold fresh air hit my lungs without sending me into spasms of coughing was… unbeatable! Mom drove like a charm and had me home at “Mitchell Manor” in no time, proudly dropping me off and watching Tom escort me up our front steps…my God they felt so steep: legs, where did you go?!?!  I came up the front steps a bit emotional, seeing Tom, his pretty “welcome home” sign, and then little Henry running up the hall towards me. First thing he did was lick my face (a no-no post transplant so I’m told). I crouched down to his level, could barely speak his name I was so choked up, and him all the while smiling and squiggling around in happiness. Of course, he kept trying to lick my face, but my legs were so tired that I couldn’t get up without a hand. It was just so great to be home and to see my little furball friend again (who I’d last seen the morning of the transplant) looking so bewildered at my sudden departure.  No sooner did I have my coat and gloves off than Tom was slipping my wedding rings back onto my finger: perfect fit! (I’m back to my pre-transplant weight again.)  It was so nice to eat at a REAL table, a REAL meal (quiche brought by a friend) with REAL mood lighting, and my best support team ever: Tom and Mom, both sipping some sort of celebratory beverage while I just beamed.  Overwhelming, yes.  I’m tired again today, but glad to have some freedom back in my life.  I promise to catch up with you more personally just as soon as I settle in and get some rest and clarity.  I’m still surprised at how tired I get, so will sign off now, and thank you all again for your very excellent blog comments which cheer/ed me no end. 

Love and kisses from Alex

(PS: I sang a song today: I think my voice has dropped a bit, or at least developed some lower tones… It’s all very exciting, if somewhat daunting! )

Cool, huh?

Well it sure is the finest thing having Alex home again! And as you might imagine we’ve a lot of work ahead of us as well as a lot of catching up to do. We are going to keep this blog going, but we both figure that the postings are going to move toward being weekly as opposed to daily. So check back every once in a while and we’ll try to put up lots of interesting info, goofy stories and just generally describe the post-transplant goings-on of Alex. Again, thanks for all the well wishes and please keep’em coming. Alex (and I) love hearing from you!



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