High Stepping!

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Well, the journey continutes folks!

This week was a good one I fancy: I have been sleeping without the use of oxygen since Thursday and am down to using just a couple pillows as my incision pain has lessened.

Functionally I made good strides this week, literally! Walking the block here in Toronto is getting easier, as if “the block” gets shorter… essentially as I walk faster. Had to break out the long underwear for dog-walks in the park this weekend though. Boy! Henry just loves when all three of us go to the park: his glee is plastered all over his face as he leads “the pack” up the street.  On the treadmill and bike at gym I’m also building stamina, AND OUR STAIRS, which previous to surgery seemed mountainous, seem easier daily: mundane even. I do puff at the top, but for much less time, and the whole time I’m talking simultaneously. I hope to *never again* take walking and talking (at the same time) for granted.

The fun news today was seeing that my lung function has gone up to 72% fev1 and now sits at 2 litres.  I feel like pinching myself.  I actually ENJOYED myself at the pulmonary function lab. What up with that?! I hope it continues to climb. The Doc was encouraged, although I’m not yet ready to share my xray with you until we get these cloudy parts of it dealt with… which brings me to… my second bronchoscopy …. this Wednesday…. Look out throat: here comes the alien robot camera down in you again!  Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of things. Er, of the lungs anyhow.

SPEAKING OF THE BOTTOM OF THINGS: I HAVE ANKLES AGAIN!  The post operative swelling has reduced and I’m back into my size seven shoes again. I cannot say what a relief this is, though it must sound trifling in comparison to where I’ve been! I spent a lot of hours in Diabetic socks with my feet up the wall since the last post. So glad to have my feet on the ground again, and to know I will be able to wear my red shoes again.  That not withstanding I have had a string of (smallish) maladies as a result of the immuno supression I believe.  *sigh*  This body feels altogether new sometimes, and as such, I’m just getting to know it.  It likes to toss me curve balls! It’s like an advent calendar: what will be my unusual symptom today?! Joy. Goodness!  My husband is a star for dealing with this teething. My folks too.

As I write this, there’s a healthy dose of snow on the ground. It looks like Christmas indeed, even feels like it a bit too! I got my Christmas, birthday, Easter and Thanksgiving a bit early this year…  I will probably not be able to party with friends this yule as the cold and flu season is threatening whilst my rejection meds are so high right now. How much I will be thinking of you all and looking forward to future hangs, though! Check back here for more updates, as they will be coming!  Oh boy! Just think, in a couple months I will be allowed to sit on a horse, although I might wait until spring when it’s warmer, eh! I can’t wait to tack my own pony up again without getting breathless, to not have to hook up the oxygen tank (back to cute saddle pads! Yay!) and to lean forward and smell Gypsy’s mane from the saddle while I give her a big hug.  I can’t wait until the first time when we’re in the woods again togther and I don’t have to worry about my oxygen hose catching on the trees we pass, or having to check to see if I have enough oxygen in the tank for one more loop of the woods. I can’t wait until I can ride and talk again.   At the same time!


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