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Well, the results of the second Bronchoscopy are in, and show N0 Rejection, N0 infection! Hoorah! There is some residual inflammation in the lungs due to transplantation trauma, but they expect that to subside in time.  Having the actual test done was rougher this time as my throat wasn’t as well frozen and I did, in fact, end up coughing while they were passing the camera down my throat. Ouchie on the vocal chords! Nothing that some morphine didn’t speedily help though. I actually felt my eyes cr0ssing at one point, like in a cartoon!

The week brought its raft of daily challenges… strange drug side effects, some of them quite dull and boring, but others quite painful.  All is being “tweaked” and ironed out, though.  I am most excited to be switching from the GIANT Neoral anti-rejection pills to the much smaller ones of a different brand name, Tacrolimus.  Bonus, I won’t have to take a pint glass of fluid at breakfast and dinner just to force them down. We are hoping this change will encourage me to EAT MORE (my weight has been dropping weekly, where normally Docs would expect to start seeing gains). Additionally, the new pills do not SMELL of SKUNK! Double bonus!

This week I’m glad to report that my lung function is up over the 2 litre mark, and is 79%!  That’s a solid B+ and I’m delighted beyond measure at this.  Simple pleasures in life and self sufficiency are returning to my life and our household. I enjoy taking a shower and toweling myself off independently,  “playing” with my dishwasher, baking, walking the dog with Tom, and singing along to the soon-to-be released Lickin’ Good Fried recording. For those of you not in the know, along with my husband we front this honky-tonk band (called Lickin’ Good Fried) and have been recording it all year. Singing along to the studio mixes is helping me to find my voice again, and I am so excited about that, and about the new album too! My husband sure writes some fine songs…

With that in mind, some of you have asked if Tom will return to the Blog! Well, he gives his annual Christmas concert at the school tomorrow and that is soon followed by his vacation. I do hope to prod him into posting over his seasonal break, as he really has a way with words and quite a few fans here! (I think I’m his biggest fan though!) Hi, Tom here. Yes, I am eagerly anticipating some new contributions here. I am sorry, I have been waylaid by many after-work cocktails, hanging with my babe,  and catchings-up with the hoi polloi. I  look forward to some “downtime” and pause for reflection over the next couple of weeks, and will be firing  off my musings for you all when I can. We put up our Christmas tree last night and hope to visit Gypsy pony sometime this week if possible!!! I know we’d both really like to get to the country and out of this darned city for a change, and I think I might soon be up to the challenge of the car trip, etc.

Love to you all, and be sure to tell your friends about organ donation. It is truly the Gift of Life.

Alex (and Tom)

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