Bah Humbug! (Sunday Dec. 28)

In Uncategorized on December 28, 2008 at 5:11 pm

Hey All,

Colonel Tom here. Remember how not very long ago I told you I would be back posting? Well, here I am, and I wish that I could be posting better news. Alex has been readmitted to hospital with pneumonia. She has been in there since Christmas eve, and you can imagine how her spirits are. She was looking so forward to the holidays, had done a whole bunch of Christmas shopping, was feeling better with her physio day by day, and then…this.

She’d been worried about a fever last week, and we duly went into the hospital on Sunday the 23rd to have them check her out. That’s what you are “supposed” to do. Long story short: we spent 8 hours in Emergency, I contracted some sort of gastro-intestinal bug and we are not 100% certain that Alex didn’t pick up pneumonia in there at that time. Oh yes, at the end of the day they told us to go home and that we didn’t really need to come in (even though we were “supposed to”), that her fever wasn’t that high. I could go on and on about how absolutely frustrating it is dealing with a hospital that is semi-shutdown due to the Christmas holidays. All you need to know is this. DO NOT EVER GET SICK OVER A CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY IN THIS COUNTRY.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve…Alex continued to feel not-quite-herself so her Mom took her into hospital again and before you know it, she is readmitted. Yep. Back on the 7th floor again. We held back letting you all know this because, well, because it IS the holidays and we didn’t want you to be worrying over the eggnog. But just so you know, she is slowly getting into better spirits and they are treating her pneumonia aggressively. The doctors tell us that she will be okay once she gets through this but that it will take away a lot of her energy. We just have to make sure that she gets  lots of food and rest at this point, let the antibiotics do their work too.

So I will no doubt be posting again over the next few days and get you further up to speed on Alex’s progress. Hate to pass on the less-than-good-news folks, but we also wanted to keep you informed, as always. And despite our setback we do indeed hope that you and yours are having a wonderful holiday!


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