“I Feel Pretty…”

In Uncategorized on January 11, 2009 at 1:30 am


... Alex here. Settling in to being home again. I keep a giant check-list now that starts at 7am and ends at midnight; giving everything from anti rejection pills, to my 6 daily ivs, to insulin shots.  I certainly keep busy, but have been enjoying the odd moment of pure pleasure: singing at the piano, home cooking, a quiet night’s sleep with only the sound of Henry’s snoring to keep me awake… and just today I put on full makeup in an attempt to feel pretty again for the first time in two months! I tried on my new black dress which I bought on-line last summer, but was too out-of-breath pre-transplant to try on. Anyhow, I’m delighted to say playing in my closet was fun today (although a lot of things are too big for me at the moment…) and that the new dress is a hit: not only does it cover my picc-line, but it’s stretchy, so will grow with me as I go.  To compensate for my somewhat empty bra cup, I ate a giant plate of designer pasturized cheese today, and even if the bra is a little loose just now, I still consider it a triumph to be back in an underwire support garment, which is directly over my incision area. Some of the drugs have funny side effects as I’ve mentioned, one of which, I’m pleased to announce is hair growth: my eye lashes have never been so long!!! Ha ha ha. How delightful it is to feel girly again after feeling so sick: being back on oxygen for Christmas was not only depressing for all, but very scary.  Hopefully that is the last time, although we’re told this is all very common in the first months following transplant. I appreciate all your kind words and comments to the blog. It’s good to be home with the boys again.  Will update after Monday’s clinic.

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