Bronch Redux, Christmas Redux

In Uncategorized on January 20, 2009 at 4:23 pm

Well, I got a chance to get stoned again on my good friends Versed and Fentenol. Yes, you guessed it folks, another BRONCH! My eyes crossed again as they were passing the camera down my throat and into my lungs. Then I happened to fall asleep while they were doing the biopsy and then I happened to wake myself up snoring! What a hoot! The Doc was super efficient and there was no gagging. In. Out. Smooth. Doc says it’s looking “better” down there,  though pathology will be another few days.  Could having this procedure ever become routine? It would seem so! Even though it is risky. And speaking of risks, I somewhat accidentally found out that sometimes people become vocally paralyzed at the time of their transplant: can you IMAGINE if this had happened to us? I don’t even want to imagine if that had happened. I find it strange, however, that nobody mentioned this as a risk, especially as I was grilling them pre-surgery about the risks to my throat when they passed the breathing tubes down my throat. Perhaps they were afraid I wouldn’t go ahead with the procedure if I would have known! I like to think that it wouldn’t have stopped me as I was in such dire straits.

Things here returning to more normalcy. I joke about my insulin and blood sugar management that I am “pricked more than a french whore”…

I went to bed last night reciting a list of my favorite foods. If I had another stomach I think I’d fill it some nights. Tom’s cooking is brilliant! I’ve even gained a couple of pounds! Eating is a great hobby: not the least of which was: CHRISTMAS DINNER! Yes, that’s right folks, we finally “had” Christmas. The snow was falling on Sunday as Tom, Henry and I arrived at Mom and Dad’s house. Carols played on the stereo, turkey filled the nostrils, and presents were–at last– opened! It honestly felt like Christmas, minus Jennifer mind you (she’s gone back to Montreal).  This was my first Christmas with new lungs. Wow. We went for a walk with Henry after dinner and it was cold, but no problem because I could keep walking and stay warm. Talk about a Christmas Gift!  Mom had done a beautiful job of the tree, table, presents, roaring fire, etc. Truly a blessed day for us!!! Dad looked so happy to have us there, and Henry looked so happy to be begging at his elbow during supper.


Well, that’s it from me for this installment… in a few short minutes Obama will be sworn in as president after having been elected the day of my lung transplant. Wow. What a time in history!

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