Silent Film, White Blood Cells, and Steak!

In Uncategorized on January 27, 2009 at 3:34 am

Well, the bronch results yielded NO REJECTION…. and , oddly (since we believed me to be re-colonized) NO PSEUDAMONAS bacteria!  That iv “bug juice” musta’ done the trick? I hope so! My fingers were all sore from drawing up 6 viles a day for infusion! Ouch!  Now the iv has been Discontinued, but we were hoping to leave my piccline in just in case we needed it again anytime soon. They are a bugger to get in, and I’m running out of good veins… Those of you who closely know me remember I’ve made friends with the piccline, even got married wearing one hidden beneath lace…  but NOW apparently prednisone can make veins wonky… tomorrow we try and fix it with clot buster. Or pull it.

I have my “three month assessment” the first week of February. This means I will get the boot from the treadmill room. I will miss the community of seeing everyone else listed, and their fabulous support persons, to a one. I may rent a treadmill to get me over the February hump in good shape, but will miss seeing Chya and the gang. I will try and photograph them for you: such amazing physiotherapists.  I am up to lifting five pound weights (arms/legs) and doing 2.2 mph on the treadmill, while talking, etc. It’s a great thing to see the oxygen saturation moniter there reading 100% at times!

Today’s clinic findings: my lung function is stuck at 69% and 1.9 litres. Not bad, but not as good as we’d hoped… yet! The Doc (yet another Doctor today: gone is any continuity) says it can sometimes take up to 6 months to get optimul capacity results, and I had the pneumonia to slow my progress.

I also gained weight because I ATE all weekend, starting Friday when I took an awesome hour-long walk that ended with me consuming a pizza and wings myself.  Special thanks to my husband’s fine cooking,  steroidal hunger and insulin management.  And so, in celebration of… Monday… Tom coerced me to eat out for a change! Off we trundled to Le Select Bistro, a french restaurant which we had our wedding reception at. Tonight I did consume the following; STEAK AND FRITES, and Fois Gras, AND French Bread, salad, and fizzy water, (Tom: red wine), AND Creme Brule AND fresh fruit AND gelato. Wow. FULL.  This was my first time out to a fancy place in a while: I put on my new swank jeans (bought during last week’s shopping spree on Queen west) and best jacket for the event.  And then I felt like a junkie, going down into the basement and shooting up in the pissoire… with insulin!  Cmon… that’s a lot of carbs to account for!!!!

So, speaking of my shopping spree, I took myself to the stores this past week. I got giddy with shopping  adrenoline and brought home: an ipod cover, a new purse (big enough to carry my Diabetes supplies in), jeans ($10 each!)  in my new temporarily teeny size, shirts and bras.  All of this stuff was vastly discounted as Queen West is awash with 75% off sales. I had OODLES, yes, OODLES of fun trying on jeans: musta’ had on 20 pair. I was so excited in the store to be wearing “cute clothes” again that I was jumping up and down. And not out of breath! Hoy!  The bra fitting was particularly fun because I got to show off my scar, but the lady set me up with a very well fitting and comfy sea-foam bra: $12! Yes! I can now be tastily tiny, until such time as I eat my way to a healthy Body Mass Index and have to give my new skinny clothes away.  But seriously, it feels SOOOO GOOOD to have better fitting clothes again, as my old clothes were just TOO BIG and bringing down my self esteem as a result: it made me look thinner!

All this shopping took place during what I later learned was a very risky time for me, as we discovered my White Blood Cell count had gotten very low: to 1.1 in fact.  In any event, it was suggested that I drop some of my anti rejection medications for the time being in order that my white cells recuperate. The numbers/soldiers are starting to climb up again, but I’m advised to stay away from crowds and germs until it’s back to normal. That provided me with the prospect of a long lonely weekend cloistered away from the public germ-pool. And so… to make time fly in my bubble world by asking Mom over. She and Tom and Henry and I made a movie, which I do hope you’ll enjoy here. It is a silent movie, and in keeping with my weekend of eating, is called SING FOR  YOUR SUPPER.

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