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This is the week of my THREE MONTH ASSESSMENT at the General.  Wednesday will be three months. WOW.  Stand back and look what’s happened in that time and it blows the mind.

There will be all sorts of testing at the hospital this week to mark the anniversary. I’ll have a  camera down my throat, a tube down my nose, even eat a radio-active egg sandwich under observation. Wildness!  Mom and Dad made a gift of a TREADMILL for me to celebrate my graduation from the hospital exercise program. I crank up the stereo really loudly and walk and I’m at last seeing palpable growth in my muscles, especially in my legs.

This past weekend my friend Nancy came over and she led me through my paces as a swing dancer. Amazingly it all started coming back to me!  All the steps, all the coordination was still there.   Tom played the guitar as we danced for several minutes without stopping!  It was WONDEROUS to experience the *difference* in  my breathing since the last time I gasped through a swing out. Wow. I FELT SO BLESSED!  And to top it off, we had gorgeous weather this afternoon and sharp skates… yes, that’s right, TOM AND I WENT ICE SKATING!!!! We were on the ice about an hour and a half before it was time to go home and take my anti-rejection pills.  AGAIN I FEEL SO BLESSED!  WOOP WOOP! I just pray it will last.  I’ve still got my piccline in my arm, and still some chest pain, so I do feel like I’m still a “work in progress”,  but if excercise will help increase my lung function (it may) then I’m on the tright track.  Had a very realistic dream of returning to Gypsy’s saddle, also… but we’ll wait and see what the Groundhog says today…

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