Change of Plans!

In Uncategorized on February 8, 2009 at 5:02 pm


Well, three month assessment has been postponed because of  a bladder stone that has reared it’s ugly head. No Kidding! I am scheduled to have it removed in surgery on Monday morning, when hopefully i can return to peeing as normal. This is painful! How did I ever deal with a lung transplant?

To take my mind off things I’ve been trying to keep busy, listening to music, playing guitar, piano, and eating lots (warm enough for a bbq in Ontario yesterday and we had steaks!)  The voice is sounding stronger too: I generally have been cranking the stereo and singing along loudly on my fabulous home treadmill. Just ask the neighbors 😉 It is a treat to be able to walk and sing at the same time. Something as simple as that had disappeared from my life pre transplant. Again I feel such gratitude to my donor… At three months I did a lung function on Monday that was at 2 liters, and 73% : this made me very happy! Slowly, I’m hoping SLOWLY BUT SURELY to improve lung function.

ps: (For those curious, my white cell count is slowly rising!)

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