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This Is Spinal Tap

This Is Spinal Tap

A quick recap of my day:  Twelve hours after entering Saint Mikes I am STONE FREE! What a trouper Mother is for her patience, and more too, if you read on…

The worst part of day: having a numb bum from the freezing that felt like major league pins and needles. And the ridiculous nurse who ignored me repeatedly when I said my anti- rejection medication was over due.

The best part: The EXCELLENT anesthetic docs. They took great care of me! Oh, AND I CAN PEE AGAIN! My catheter is GONE!!!!

The most interesting part: The spinal tap didn’t really hurt much at all. We chose the spinal over a general and it was a good decision which meant a)less drugs in my body, and b)nothing nasty had to be forced past my vocal chords.

The Ridiculous part: The Doc does several cases in a morning. He came out into the waiting room and began telling my Mom  about a “cancerous tumor”. She said, “Tumor! I thought it was a bladder stone!” To which he said, “no, no, it’s a tumor. But in someone of her advanced age we don’t like to…” — ADVANCED AGE?!?!?! After reviving my mother (who honestly felt faint!) he apologized for the mistaken identity and re-assured her that the procedure to remove my bladder stone had gone excellently.

I believe Connie is probably at home having a (well deserved) drink right about now 🙂

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