It’s Like a Recording Studio… of sorts!

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2009 at 6:21 pm


Well folks, everyone is keen to know when I’ll get back in the recording studio… DID I EVER REALLY LEAVE? Take a look at this “recording booth” from TGH’s Pulmonary Function Lab! The engineer says, “that was great, but let’s do one more for safety!”  Not so very different really!  In any event, you will all be pleased to know that my lung function last week was over two litres and the highest it’s been since transplant! That is to say I’ve made up the ground I lost at Christmas! 

Tuesday I had my belated three-month bronchoscopy. They give you this novocane-like bitter stuff to gargle which then numbs the back of the throat so they can more easily pass the instruments down.  However, after gargling there seemed to be a delay in waiting for the bronch suite and my throat started to come back to life.  “Give me more of that stuff please!” I begged.  The nurse could hardly believe her ears, “NOBODY ever wants MORE of that. It tastes awful!”  I agreed but reminded her that my throat was my living and I didn’t want to risk coughing during the insertion for fear of damaging my chords.  She shook her head and brought me more, “NOBODY has ever asked for seconds on this!” she kept mumbling.  We await the pathology results, but the Doctor said just from looking that it seemed “better” down there again.

I’ve also been enjoying a stay Chez Parents while Tom has been away in Texas. Yes! Our weary hospital husband has finally felt the warm sun on his face!  He feels rejuvinated after a five day trip to the lone-star state. There was honky tonking, tex-mex, swimming holes and drinks. I am so delighted for him!!!  Meanwhile, up here in Canada I’ve been enjoying the wintering weather outdoors, because now I can keep moving long enough to stay warm!  This means I’ve been trecking with Henry in the ravine behind Mom and Dad’s house, riding my bike, and of course my new seasonal favorite, SKATING! Yesterday was a snow storm and I had the entire rink to myself. The snow on the ice made for extra drag and a more aerobic workout.  Here is Mother in her fur hat standing on the sidelines at the “rink of my youth”, Woodhurt Heights.  I’ve also enjoyed the “chicken wings of my youth” from the local Chicken Land, and on valentines day I had “the steak of my youth”, which was a GIANT t-bone cooked ala Dad on the Pangman BBQ.  I joked that it was the size of Texas, which it very nearly was!


That’s all for now!

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