Spring in the Air!

In Uncategorized on March 5, 2009 at 7:32 pm

… spring is in the air as I write this! At last: MARCH!

I just treated myself to a few retail purchases along sunny Queen West, a spring jacket for one: what a gift to be able to do something so frivolous as shop! I must be careful however not to buy anything too small: my pants are getting tighter by the day it seems.  I’m currently at my pre-transplant weight, which was still on the light side, but just at the lower healthy edge of the body mass index scale.  The diabetes management has helped me to put my food to good use as energy for muscles and fat. As my friend Shyboy said after watching me eat, “you’re making CELLS!”  And yes, I’ve been teased for “eating like a teenage boy”, which is constantly.  I have those chaps to fill out, after all!  Here is the latest installment of ASK HENRY, by the way.  You will note the difference in my face from the previous video where I appeared as the Orphan newsboy.

Yesterday was my second time in the saddle post transplant, and I can’t get over how much more aerobic I was able to be after just seven more days. I’d been pushing myself on the treadmill, and it’s translated nicely into saddle stamina.  I was able to make multiple laps of the arena at both trot and canter, adding in circles and changes of direction, and even a couple flying lead changes. It is a gas to be able to work on stuff –the finer details of riding– that I pretty much thought I’d never be able to do again. The continuity that I am able to achieve now (without having to stop & catch my breath)means I can work on bending, transitions, impulsion, etc.  Oh! And they re-oiled the arena at the farm so it’s not dusty: they used some sort of nice oil, so no scent at all, which is a bonus.  Not toxic smelling at all! Brilliant in fact!

After going riding yesterday I took Henry down to the park at the foot of  Strachan at the Lakeshore. He *loves* this park, & the last time I took him was in the fall when it took me forever to walk, multiple rest stops and a whole tank of oxygen. This time we walked the entire length of the park a couple of times, even running sometimes — why? because I can! It’s fun also to get Henry moving too, as he is enjoying my new lungs lots. Before our relationship had become entirely food based: as in, I fed him, and Tom walked him. NOW, however, I can walk and run and play with him and it’s so awesome!!! He’s such a funny happy chappy who loves to romp and play.  I love it! It’s like our relationship has grown also thanks to my donor. So too can be said of my relationship with other people: my sister and I went skating together for example.

My donor. Yes, I got misty while I was driving along the highway the other day: it sometimes just hits you. The miracle. But also the loss the family must feel.  I had to STOP being misty as I was going 100kmp! But in any event, as I considered my ride from yesterday I just got to be so GRATEFUL. And amazed. They were grateful, amazed tears because I thought I might never get to do again what I just did so easily on horseback! And I have a lovely inner thigh burn today to remind me. In any event, as I return to being “Alex” again, I feel a letter to the family coming on.  In Canada this is kept anonymous, so I may never know the family, but we can share letters.I think I’ll be fully ready after I get singing again with the band.

Oh! So, I had my final three month assessment tests last week, which involved having a tube down my nose for 24 hours,(which was as unpleasant as it sounds) and the eating of a radio active sandwich. That part was bizarre because you had to wear a bib and gloves to eat the meal, however, you were EATNG the radioactive gunk: God forbid you get some on your shirt!  Ah, science!

This weekend we are hoping to go on our first “road trip”: to visit Tom’s parents in Owen Sound. This will be a good test for us travelling with the new drug schedule and medications.  Baby steps! Thanks everyone for your continuing interest and comments. May you each enjoy every day!

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