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Mill above Walter's Falls, Grey County

Mill above Walter's Falls, Grey County

If the definition of “vacation” is to spend all weekend with your in-laws stuffing your face, then I have indeed had a vacation! But not only that, last weekend’s road trip to Owen Sound marked the first time I crossed the invisible “two hours from Toronto” limitation that had been in place pre-transplant.  Somewhere around Markdale I realized, “Oh my gosh! I’m two hours from Toronto!” with glee.

And it was sitting in an inn over looking Walter’s falls near Bognor that we realized that I’d actually made it four months post-transplant as of March 4th.  I was shocked that I could have missed such an anniversary, but the plain fact of the matter is that I was too busy living my life to be sitting around counting the days. In fact, on the 4th of March I was enjoying my third ride on Gypsy post-transplant.  A balmy 15 degrees it was that day, and I remarked to myself that I had chosen a good time of year to get back into riding.  Following the ride I gave Gypsy’s mane a good pulling, and clipped her whiskers up. She looks less shaggy: younger even!  It’s such a treat to be able to enjoy grooming again, even from behind a hospital mask (she had, after all, just been rolling in the mud.)

There was a lot of snow there this winter...

There was a lot of snow up north this winter...

Ah, so, back to my visit to Owen Sound. It was great to show up there without  oxygen tanks, and to walk up the big hill behind the house onto the Bruce trail with Henry & Tom like I did when we first met. Sure I was out of breath by the top, but it’s a considerable hill after all! We enjoyed the spectacular view of the harbour from a clearing and even stopped by (the more famous) Inglis Falls during the weekend.

Tom also got the gift of one of his Grandpa’s wonderful fiddles this weekend and so we played a fair bit of music together.  I am annoyed that my medications give me a tremor which causes my fiddle playing to sound ragged, so I stuck mostly to the guitar. (“Brother Dan” pointed out by video conference that the tremor will improve my tremolo on the mandolin: now there’s the silver lining!) Tom’s fiddling, however, was sounding really accomplished by the end of the weekend, it’s true!  So, it wasn’t as if *all* we did was eat, but it was pretty constant!  Mostly it was just nice to be up with family and  *relaxing*.   Oh, and did I mention the eating? Thanks to the folks most heartily!

Tom plays his grampa's fiddle for Mom Ruth.

THIS JUST IN:  Today’s weight is up to 51 kilos: that’s just a smidgeon *above* my pre transplant weight. Good range to be in.  My Pulmonary Function Test FEV1 is at 2.3 litres, which is my all-time post tx high!  I know some people have much *higher* post transplant numbers, but this is still a heck of a lot better than pre transplant, and I have to remind myself of that.

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