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The Wind Up!

So, here it is Easter… On Good Friday I took Tom to the Credit River where I used to take field trips back during my Froebel schooldays.  How much I’ve changed, and how much the river hasn’t! We took Henry and he enjoyed watching me skip stones in the sun, and even waded in a little. Mom and Dad visited Niagara on the Lake for Dad’s birthday on Thursday, and now  Jennifer is visiting from Montreal and plans are for us all to eat the Christmas turkey… finally! (Perhaps I’ll bring my new Baritone Ukulele along to serenade with?)

Oh! So, I had my FIRST RIDING LESSON! Yessum. And it was fun; the hour just just flew by.  Luckily I didn’t have to stop too many times before the rest of the group to catch my breath. It was really focused work and I already learned lots: not taking lessons for the better part of ten years I thought I’d get yelled at way more: but maybe teach’ took it easy on me this week!  It was great to be able to do the SITTING TROT, a movement my old lungs disallowed me to do for almost twenty years. I used to cough up blood. Now my only grievance with sitting trot is the need for a better bra!

Oh! So, I had my FIRST GIG! Yessum. And it was fun; the set just flew by! I was nervous about performing, but it was a nice warm crowd who applauded and listened, but who chatted perfectly during our set: this was good because the ambient noise helped to give me courage (that it might swallow  up or hide any of my vocal rough edges.)  I was DELIGHTED to be able to play the mandolin again without tiring.  Towards “the end” of my old lungs I could no longer stand, strum, and sing simultaneously. To be able to *strum* and sing was a joy. Be sure to catch us this Thursday night at the Cadillac Lounge, 9pm start! It was also really really special to be able to raise my voice in song with the whole band behind me, looking into the eyes of the best duet partner around, Tom Parker! (He’s also a wicked crokinolt partner too, as it turns out!)

Oh! So, I had my FIRST TRIP TO THE GROCERY STORE! Yessum. And it was fun; SUPER FUN! (Normally Tom goes alone on the way home from work because Grocery stores during daytime hours are GERMY places).  I made sure to eat a large steak tonight before going so as not to go shopping hungry & spend TOO much money, but I ended up dropping about $250… They have great cheese selections at Metro… oh my GAWSH: *Rarely* have I been so EXCITED to GROCERY SHOP! It was SUCH FUN! ALL THAT FOOOOOD!  *Aisles* of it!!!!  (The prednisone: I SWEAR it’s the prednisone!) At 10:30pm there was hardly anyone there.  I did, however, have to tear myself away from the candy section and chose some nice Spartan apples instead.  And I’m trying whole wheat pasta to see if I’ll enjoy it. (The spelt looked three times as expensive).   Also got some cases of DIET soda. I am *trying* to get accustomed to Diabetic habits, although truthfully my blood sugars only spike the odd time since the insulin seems to be working. (I should be able to eat a couple chocolate Easter eggs with medication!)

My Boys in Erindale Park

My Boys in Erindale Park



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