May 4th, 2009. Six Month “Lungiversary”

In Uncategorized on May 5, 2009 at 1:23 am

picture-12Today is the six month anniversary of my lung transplant! I’ve been thinking of it all day. I finally began drafting a thank you letter to my donor’s family, which I intended on doing once I was back to singing and riding again fully… but how does one start that letter, “hi, we’ve never met, but you changed me life?!”  I am just so grateful for their gift, and also aware that they are probably grieving this anniversary.  I want to mail this letter soon in hopes that their sadness might be comforted by reading of the happiness that I’m experiencing because of the selfless and thoughtful wishes of their loved one. “Six month Assessment” and broncoscopy happen over the next couple weeks, but today I had routine blood-work, and then took Henry for a walk in the sunshine to look at the blossoms in the neighborhood, inhaling the smell with fresh lungs. Very special. Very grateful.

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