Mother’s Day!

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Mom riding M'Lady

Today I finally got to give Mom the  wagon wheel we’ve been driving around in my trunk. It looks great in her beloved garden and I’m so glad she loves it! Her pool is open now & so the garden is the focus again. She’s amazing and deserves nice things!

I spent the day at the farm, riding both Gypsy, and another mare named Matty fun.  Then Tom  arrived and we rode together, side by side. It’s almost sickeningly cute. I love my cowboy! (Although the only thing we herded today were  a family of Canada geese and goslings.)

Speaking of animals, Henry got a $260 ticket from a by-law enforcement officer for being off leash in our local park… the same park the police had personally encouraged off-leash behavior in an effort to quell local “criminals” from dealing drugs out of our park.  Tom got really mad, since he’s put a lot of effort into that park over the years, picking up needles, trash and human feces over the years. To get a ticket for having a 14 year old dog off the leash in that same park while he innocently sniffed around …. well, Tom was livid.

But, we take it with a dose of reality. Recently, an acquaintance through the CF transplant program has been very sick. Lots of prayers going out his way (he was transplanted in July/08)… So, you never know when the other shoe might drop, or you might become really ill again… in the grand scheme of things a ticket for on off-leash dog is pretty miniscule.

I begin my 6 month assessment in the morning, CT scans, (everything scans really!), over the next seven days… I hope the Doctor who specializes in CMV will not decide to put me on i.v. therapy, but the fact remains that my cell count hasn’t dropped in two weeks on the oral therapy.  I coughed up two blobs of phlegm this week.  I was horrified!!! It’s set off a stream of “mucous”/illness dreams that are troubling.  But, aside from feeling tired, I’ve seemed stable. The fatigue might just be because I’ve had an incredibly busy week, with our 45rpm record launch, a party with horse friends, riding lessons, hospital appointments, and this television show that I’m involved in taking up my time.

Perhaps the most monumental thing this week was my official professional “coming out”. Yes, after 32 years of avoidance, I appeared on the CBC radio’s Metro Morning with Matt Galloway to openly discuss transplant.  It was emotional and honest.  And I had lots of positive feedback from people who heard it who were in equal measures touched, and inspired. One person at a time is a great way to convert organ donors, but province-wide radio is an AMAZING way to reach LOTS of people all at once!!!  I know so many nice people waiting for lungs… I just want them all to get their needs met. I used to sell booze for a living. That was my old singer M.O.  My new M.O. is quite different, no?

And so, it’s Mother’s day. Connie Pangman did an awesome job taking care of me. I get emotional just thinking of it.  And then there’s some other Mother out there, doubtless she is sad today because she lost a child in November, but my donor’s Mom… if you’re out there: you’re kinda’ responsible for a huge part of me now. So, a big hug to you. I love you too!

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