6 Month Bronch Results

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2009 at 3:59 am

Tuesday was 6 month bronchoscopy/lung biopsy.  Aside from thinking they might have “popped my lung” it went great! They hadn’t collapsed it after all, which is a relief. I always sign the release saying I understand the risks of the procedure: one in every hundred may collapse.

ANYHOW, the pathology results greeted me on the answering machine when I got home from my (AWESOME) bruce-trail ride on Friday: NO REJECTION! Yes!!!! Good to hear, because you can’t always “feel” rejection at first. Also, my CMV count was ZERO again this week, so the i.v. treament has been staved off, for now.  My white cells are… well, they increased a bit, though still lower than “normal”.

Assorted stuff:

*Heard a Cuban band in Little Italy on that really hot night this week: it felt like being on vacation in another city.

*CBC have kindly spun Lickin’ Good Fried a couple times this week! Oh, & we are playing the Toronto Jazz Festival (ironically,  yehaw!) on  July 5th. Nice!

*Tom took his first swim at the folks today, and we all washed our cars in the driveway making it a family affair. Jennifer even pulled the dent out of Tom’s Monte Carlo with a toilet plunger! I kid you not.

Picture 3


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