A Wrinkle In Time

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Well, this week was supposed to be my first horse show but…alas… Not.

My CMV status had come back showing zero positive cells for two weeks running. Joy! Oh, but then, suddenly EIGHT positive cells showed up.  This means that I started on the i.v. antiviral this week. That antiviral is tough on the white count and so I’ve been given more of those (NASTY) injections to create white cells.  It is the closest pain I can think of to labour pains. Coming in waves, I was decimated by the pain and not even the narcotics they prescribed me really did much. I won’t elaborate! Sufficed to say, the pain in the bones means the marrow is producing what it needs. But not that the iv meds ever slo me down, but because of the pain there will be no horse show for me this Thursday.

Tom however has signed up for his FIRST HORSESHOW this Friday at the Horse Palace. I do hope I am okay by then so that he feels capable of going. I’m very excited for him! Our third anniversary is coming up on the 10th… I notice that three years is “leather”, so perhaps I’ll take him on a trip to the tack store! Pick a little something out for him from me!

I did manage to steal some wonderful moments in the saddle last week. An intrepid riding lesson in six inches of mud was quite the exercise! The next day I chanced upon a coyote in the woods: it felt very special to have snuck up on him. I’ve ridden that trail hundreds of time and never seen him before. I saw him again later that week skulking around the pond where (I hope) he hunts Canada geese.  He is large! probably 55-60lbs!

I also had a lovely quiet afternoon on the lakeshore in Grimsby with some pals on Saturday, though my low white count kept me from attending the CD launch of Terra Hazelton that night. There would have been too many people  and too much risk from being in a packed crowd. That being said, I’d love it if you all checked out her latest swing jazz CD! Yours truly was asked to sing a duet with on her CD and it has “the distinction” of being my final recording project with my original lungs. Though you’d never guess it: through the miracles of something called pro-tools (ie: smoke and mirrors and clever editing!) we managed to put a lovely performance out.  You can purchase the CD at

Incidentally, I’ve been reading a lot lately. Quite amusingly I’ve been taking Bram Stoker’s Dracula with me to the hospital of late. They get a kick out of that at the blood lab! LOL.

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