Down and Update

In Uncategorized on June 9, 2009 at 2:59 pm

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Yikes. Last week sucked. I spent most of it trying to get through the pain. Amazing how time draws out when you’re NOT HAVING FUN!

Luckily I was back in the saddle a couple of times by weekend getting some enjoyment out of my still somewhat achy bones. In fact, Tom and I had an excellent ride Saturday in the woods, and a couple of great canters out in the meadow.

But very very tired. I thought it was the pain killers making me tired, but it could be the CMV.  Despite the iv anti virals I’ve been getting, this week my count is triple what it was last week. Hard to tell why so tired as my Prednisone dose was also lowered recently too: could also account for having less vim.

Managed to get Tom to the tack store to buy him a leather goodie for our 3rd “leather” anniversary (coming on Wednesday). Then we ate from the chip truck at the side of the road: yes, summertime!  Tom was still grinning from his great ride in the woods, and his previous nights horse show victories.  He won a second and a third prize in his division and did GREAT for his debut show: I was very proud of him. (At least one of us got to a horseshow last week!!!)

I’m probably gonna’ have to do more white blood cell injections which means more bone pain, and no planning ANYTHING concretely in advance until this CMV is under control, although I will try! Still giving iv twice a day. Henry hates the i.v. pole. Me too, but we make do!

Had visits from Jennifer (she has gone back to Montreal now) and a lovely dinner near Caledon with the inlaws: prime rib always goes down well, and probably helps with my low haemoglobin too!

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