In Uncategorized on June 23, 2009 at 2:00 am

…remember how I commondeered Tom’s Christmas vacation by becoming an in-patient at TGH?

Well,  History repeats itself.

Just got word that my sensitivity test is back from the government lab. It was waylaid because the lab was inundated with Swine Flu tests. Anyhow, so, we’ve just learned that I’ve wasted (more or less) many weeks on partially useless treatment for CMV  because I’m only partially sensitive to it.  This means I get to start a lovely (not) new (ugh) IV drug that MUST be given in  hospital because of it’s nastyness.  No word yet how long for.  And Tom’s last day of work is this week. And I just bought a bikini that I damn-well was hoping to use this week.  *sigh*  Grrr * Wah*

Will I even be able to ride this summer? To enter those shows I was gearing up for? To play my gig on Saturday night (the planned first “jazz” gig for me since transplant?) How about Lickin’ Good Fried at the Opera House? Will these drugs make me too sick for that?  And most of all; can CMV really be THAT bad if you get it to outweigh all this crap?! Oh, and the nasty white-count bone meds restart tomorrow.  Sorry, bravest redhead feeling somewhat discouraged at present.

She did in fact just walk to the local eatery, and eat a large steak and then walk home under her own steam. NOT out of breath. Her oxygen saturation is 100% today. Her lung function last Monday was (by a fraction) her best so far! Bravest redhead, SNAP OUT OF IT! This is just a wrinkle!!!

Took Dad for a day at the Woodbine racetrack for Father’s Day. The pomp and circumstance of the 150th running of the Queen’s Plate, bagpipes and RCMP musical ride: they must have known Pangman was coming! Tom won $25 on a horse called “whiskeyontherocks”: how could he NOT bet that horse? And the Plate was great: the roar of the crowd as the horses neared the finish line was exhilarating!!!

Anyhow, at the end of the race it was a heated finish: all racing towards the once place in time… just as we race towards Tom’s (well earned) vacation… Will I be out of the hospital? Or not? I likely think not, even though I’d hoped, prayed and jockeyed for the CMV to be dealt with by the time his school vacation arrived.  Still, I like to bet the longshot and cheer for the underdog: hope you’ll do the same!

Well, off to bed now: last sleep in MY OWN bed for a while to come yet I suspect. *sigh* Only a wrinkle.



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