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Tuesday morning I went and rode my horse through the woods. I strapped on my new bikini and took my first plunge into Mom’s pool in two summers. I rode. I swam.

I checked into the hospital.

Did I mention there were no beds? I was told that due to my CMV infection that I must start these new drugs.  “Hospital mandates we must clear the ER first before handing out beds to people on an outside waiting list, and nobody has gotten a room from the outside wait list in months.” CAN YO BELIEVE THIS STUPIDITY? I abhor this system. Ethics aside, it’s just false economy, for one, for the government to spend all this cash on transplanting new lungs into me, and then to send me into the lion’s den (the ER during H1N1 outbreak?!) without any defenses!

So, me with a reallllly low white count, spent TWO NIGHTS sleeping in the ER. I was very blessed in that I had a private room, however it was like sleeping in a casino (the lights never dim in the ER because they are always open for business)… a casino with all the hubub and beeping machines and diapers, but without fun. Broken necks, strokes, even one poor sod that had overdosed drinking hand sanitizer. It was not dull and I really didn’t need television.

Finally the call came to get me upstairs into a room. It had been 2.5 days in the ER & in comparison the  7th Floor seemed blessedly quiet. They are giving me day passes, but I am hooked up to i.v. for five hours every morning and night.  It’s intense. The injections for my white count have started causing bone pain and I’m back on heavy drugs for that, though yesterday, before the pain  started Tom and I were able to celebrate his first afternoon free of teaching (for the summer) by going riding. It was wonderful. The fresh smells &  green lushness of the farm a stark contrast to the hospital environment!

My sternum is hurting a bit: Perhaps from those pool dives? The Docs inform me that some people do in fact start to get sensation back at about this time out from TX. Also my lung function is down a bit today. I’m not sure why: perhaps it’s the water I’m retaining (a side effect of the new nasty anti-viral). I woke up today looking like a prize fighter with one eye swollen shut! Wah! On the upside, my bra can hardly contain it’s contents!

Alas, due to drug schedule times, and bone pain I had to cancel tonight’s gig: very demoralizing since it was to be my first “jazz gig” back in action. I am praying I can still do the Toronto festival with Lickin’ on Friday. Please God!

But mostly, please let my lung function go back up. It’s not a huge drop, but it’s something. I get scared easily: lots of time to think on the inside you know!

Anyhow, I came home to enjoy our backyard but a really terrible thing: the neighbor is playing his club music reallllly loudly and it’s actually more chaotic out back right now than it was in the ER. *sigh*



ps: Horse Canada this month has a half page in it’s Horsepower pages about Gypsy the therapy pony.

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