PRISON BREAK: LGF @ the Opera House!

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It is with great pleasure that I report that a kind Doctor let me break out of TGH to appear as part of the Toronto Jazz Festival.  Ironically, they had booked our country band to play an opening slot at Toronto’s East End venue: “The Opera House”.  When I arrived there was a lineup around the building and halfway down the block to get in! Let’s be clear, jazzfest time draws big crowds, as does the act we were opening for, Susan Tedeschi. STILL, pretty awesome to show up someplace you’re playing and see a wrap around line up to get in!

GETTING in was a bit more problematic. The monkey guarding the stage door would NOT let me in. “No laminate, No entry” he told me and then turned his back on me.  “But I go on in twenty minutes!” I told him. This went unheeded and I was told to go find the promoter (who was most likely inside.)  After more protestations and more pronouncements of, “No laminate, No entry,” I watched him sucking on his cigarette and said, “I bet you don’t have your organ donor card signed either”.  “Nope” he answered in a puff of smoke turning his back on me again. Odious monkey.   Soon the promoter came out and with a smile and welcomed me in.

Jazz fest time is awesome. Even though we were opening for a blues act, there were probably 250 music fans there. LISTENERS, you know?! They were packed in, and all lined up in the pit in front of the stage, gazing up at the boys. I was so proud of our little band.

Stepping up to sing I didn’t know WHAT would come out of me after the week I’d had, and you know what? I opened my mouth and the music came out! Some of the longer lines were a little tricky, but to be expected due to the drop in function. But over all: YES! Loud, full, clear. FUN FUN FUN! Standing center stage with the band and feeling the warm lights and the crowd’s enthusiasm was a balm to my spirit – plus I love jazz fest audiences.  Tom apologised/joked that we aren’t exactly a “jazz” band, and someone yelled out, “who cares, you’ve got CHOPS”!  They were truly warm and wonderful.

Back at the hospital I returned to find my room had been changed: to the one I had during my Christmas incarceration! Dun dun dun (insert scary music here). Flashbacks not withstanding, it’s a good room I suppose. Tom and I did the post game wrap-up with my iv pump going: all very surreal.

This morning the Doc referred to my condition as Pneumonia. Hello. I hadn’t quite realized it was pneumonia. Though I’m not totally shocked: I was very short of breath climbing the stairs last night. To ride a horse again at this level of breathlessness I fear I will need the aid of the oxygen tank, I hope only temporarily. So, we have to start the paperwork to apply for oxygen funding again. *sigh*

To say life changes on a dime for transplantees is no exaggeration. Last night center stage singing with my husband & making 250 people applaud. Today, hooked up to iv in a cell applying for O2 funding again.  I hear the Calgary Stampede is on: I should apply for the “bronch” riding (bad pun, sorry) because I’m having to sit a lot of bucks!

Update: Tuesday: BRONCH showed no rejection! we are still waiting on the other results to show what’s growing (ie: what’s making my function drop). I’ve been assessed for oxygen funding so I can continue to ride throughout this “wrinkle”. Sunday’s ride left me quite short of breath, and I cannot let the dysnia get in my way of keeping my muscles fit for riding.

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