Indie Indie Go Away…

In Uncategorized on July 11, 2009 at 7:15 pm

…DONT come again another day!

The noise pollution here today is obscene. The Indie 500 race sounds like it is one street over, even though it’s at the Lakeshore.  Not only has it snarled traffic, but it’s totally irritating on a purely decibel level. The hospital is arguably more quiet than this.

I took a “night pass” last evening. (I’ve recently been awarded those!) It means dashing home at midnight past all the drunken lighthearted revelers (perhaps wishing I were one of them) and then closing my eyes and opening them again in 7 hours to go back to TGH for more infusions. I honestly didn’t move an inch last night. And sleeping with the window open? Priceless! Sleeping without the intercom going off or inconsiderate nurses throwing the lights on in the middle of the night, awesome!

I went riding yesterday.  Gypsy was INSANE! The more I rode her the stronger she got! I was trotting once, but she wanted to canter and so I let her. Then the wind caught my two plastic hospital bracelets and they started making this curious whining noise.  This caused pony’s canter to quicken to a gallop, and I could see her head raise and her ears go back at the sound. “Great,” I thought, “I’m going to have an accident because of my *hospital* bracelets!”  Luckily we were heading to a dead end, so she had to stop. Frigging didn’t see that one coming. But it was an adventure, and I was ABLE TO HOLD ON. Ever since I qualified for home oxygen I haven’t felt I needed it! I mean, it would help my staying power in the saddle, but the lungs seem to be better steadily since the drug they started giving me.  This makes me glad.  Riding yesterday I felt less disabled, and more out of shape, if anything.

Today I had a massage! Hospital beds aren’t the most comfortable! So, this was my present to myself. Wicked. I am off to the shower now to finish off the magical spell. Plus I smell of Licorice oil, so I’m craving candy right now. Not a good temptation for a Diabetic! LOL.

Later today: a HAIR CUT!  It feels great to do “real person” things.  🙂


PS: CMV count was showing 0 – 1 positive cell… this is GREAT!

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