Er, Make that Monday…

In Uncategorized on July 19, 2009 at 10:37 pm

Coming back from a GREAT ride, modeling the new bug hat and reins.

Apparently I was not “sick enough” to warrant a slot in radiology to be drained last week, despite waiting around for one.  So, the new goal is to have the pigtail added on Monday.  I am growing suspicious of if it will ever happen, but very curious to see how my exercise tolerance and lung function will react to the lack of fluid: I mean, no wonder my function is down: 2-3 litres of fluid around the lung is significant. That fluid is taking up the space inside my ribcage that was formerly fillable with air! In any event, they say “this week”, meaning as soon as Monday.

Waiting around, however, does NOT mean that I did not enjoy my week. In fact,  I want to put your minds at ease a bit as Dad found the last few blog entries “scary”… This week Tom and I enjoyed some wonderful riding. As everyone around us in Ontario curses the cold summer, we revel in it: no smog, clear crispness: perfect riding weather. We have had some ACE rides together, Tom mastering the art of bareback riding even! (I think he’s part native: you should see him leap up onto his horse bareback and latch on with his bow legs!)

Now, our favorite route is soon to be off limits: after riding around the corn field today we realized that it will shortly be impenetrable: at times, riding between the rows the corn was a good foot over Gypsy’s head: almost enough to make a lesser horse panic, or make a rider feel they were drowning, but she just kept her head down and forged forward knowing the end was in sight and enjoying snapping off corn stalks in her greedy mouth.

The deer flies are as I have never seen them before. Yikes! It’s quite astounding. And today I was able to outrun them with my return to the oxygen tank. Yes, I tried it, and you know what? It didn’t hurt my pride as I’d thought. It didn’t bum me out, cause I’m hoping this is just “for now”. In fact, riding with the O2 felt like I’d had my lung powers restored again.  Tom and I enjoyed some great open stretches: to outrun the flies of course 😉 Yes, it’s a hassle, but it’s hopefully just impermanent. Yes, it’s complicating, but it’s also freeing. It allows me to “go” for much longer stretches without having to stop to catch my breath, and this is good: the last thing I want from this hospitalization is to either lose shape or strength in my (very important) riding muscles.

Tom plays bass, Horse keeps time...

Tom plays bass, Horse keeps time...

And yesterday Tom and I went up to the music store. I’d seen this double bass last week there on consingment. I loved it. I took Tom yesterday: he loved it too!  We are going to put an offer in on it this week, and I’m trying not to get too excited since nothing is for sure  yet, but WOW, it’s totally fun to play. The above photo was taken on Queen street. Tom took the bass onto the street to check it over for scratches (he’s a sickening natural at the bass). As he was playing a police horse  walked by on duty, which I thought made an amusing photo. Then we went to the bar, the bookstore, and had a BBQ chez parents. Not bad really!

So, not all doom and gloom, and hopefully the drain will come tomorrow and I can get past this obstacle and get onto feeling better: maybe even ditch the O2 for riding?! That is my desire. Tuesday will be four weeks that I’ve been hospitalized. But I understand I’m not missing much in the line of warm moonlit summer walks…

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