Postponed. Again.

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2009 at 6:38 pm

I have no idea how many days this draining can be postponed, or rather how many mornings I can wake up wondering if “today is the day they hurt me and poke a hole in me.” Or how many frustrated afternoons I’ll spend thinking, “just when am I ever gonna’ feel better if they keep putting this off!!!!”

Anyhow, To prove that I do indeed still read all your kind blog responses, I have a link to share that was sent in by blog reader Jody. Below is a youtube video from the concert that I guest sang at last month, hosted by Jaymz Bee. This was shortly before the “other shoe dropped” and I really was feeling fit as a fiddle that night albeit jacked up on coffee and anti rejection medications! I have a secret hope that my donor’s family would somehow hear this and be happy to know how their loved one’s lungs were being appreciated, as is demonstrated by the smile on my face. I am hoping to get back to that state again soon: if only radiology would frigging drain me!!! (When they re-attach the new lungs they do not “hook up” the original drainage system, and this is why the fluid from the infection cannot drain as God intended.)

Anyhow, music maestro, please!

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