In Uncategorized on July 27, 2009 at 5:46 pm

You know the scene from Frida where she’s writhing in pain and screaming for her sister to give her morphine? Well, aside from the Mexican accent, that was me for a coupe of days last week. While “pig tail” might sound pink and fluffy and cute, it did not feel any of those things: the pleura being very sensitive area, this made for a brutal 48 hours at the start. Once things settled down it was merely uncomfortable and we drained just over one litre: less than we’d thought, but so be it. I did not object when they said it was “time to take it out”! Having it taken out really did feel like having a cork screw pulled out of ones back. Yikes! And for those bloggers wondering, I did lose a couple of pounds in fluid.

Came home yesterday on pass and we jammed. Me on guitar mostly, and Tom on bass. The freak that he is, Tom can already play in flat keys, while I am left in the dust playing in D (mostly open strings)…. sure is fun to SLAP though! The big baby looks great in our house. So cool.

I read a book in the spring about talking intuitively to animals, but I decided I lacked the skills to be psychic. I had hoped to be able to ask Henry why he cries every night at 8:30 pm… all logic defies me on this one. Anyhow, I *might* have Henry read. I got the psychic lady to read Gypsy since this is our 20 year anniversary.  It was amusing. Gypsy wonders if it is “her food” I am giving out to the other animals (by that I assume the mints I sometimes share between Gypsy and her barn mates), she wonders if I worry I’m “too big” for her, and she also wonders if I’ve moved.(The psychic says that’s probably her wondering where I’ve been this past week.) I tried not to give the psychic any hints,  but she did say Gypsy sent her an image of a horse with large white splotches: Mister I wonder?! I forgot to tell the psychic that Gypsy’s show name was Fortuneteller!

I repeat lung function tomorrow and we’ll see if the drainage makes any difference. Fingers crossed!

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