In Uncategorized on July 29, 2009 at 8:20 pm

… so, my lung function today was up to 2 litres after last week’s draining. I like going up 🙂 !!!!

… I’ve been told that since my CMV status is staying at 0 that the tentative release date for me is Aug 5th. I am however told that the two ID Doctors have differing theories on length of treatment, so it may still be longer. I’m told that “neither theory is wrong”…

… Jupiter repells/rejects/flings object out into the space atmosphere at a rate of 35 miles a second, faster than any bullet.  This I learned from the history channel series called “Universe” which has captured my interest of late!  Hey, I wonder if they do transplants in galaxies far far away!!!

… Lastly, August long weekend: Oh my, are we there already?  Aug 3rd our band Lickin Good Fried plays in Stratford for the Stratford Summer Music Festival and classic car show! We’re on at 4pm I believe.

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