Happy Accident = “Awesome-gen”!

In Uncategorized on August 3, 2009 at 3:55 pm

Yesterday I realized I’d tacked up with an empty oxygen tank.  Using this as a spring board I realized I didn’t need the oxygen anymore to ride. We outran a seething hoard of flying insects without it. When the deer popped out of the brush, when the pony stuck her head between her ankles and joyously bucked, I was fine! It was awesome. The best gift ever to realize I was getting better, and merely “out of shape!” Oxygen + Awesome = awesome-gen!  (or should that be MINUS oxygen?!)


Off to Stratford momentarily to play with Lickin’ Good Fried: Awesome! Getting all dolled up is really a balm to the spirit, although clothing my body is a bit frustrating. With the up and downing my weight has taken with the iv medication/fluids/etc, I look a bit like a prison camp survivor again: muscle must be rebuilt, fat stores too.  Think I found something that accentuates the positive: PLUS, today I can fit into my new red shoes!!! Look out Stratford!  ALSO, something  I noticed the last few times I’ve been in hospital: it makes my eyelashes grow really long! As I slapped on the mascara today (for the first time in a month) I felt like Greta Garbo! It must be all the pepper I’ve been putting on my cereal 😉

Docs (predictably) are now saying a “Wednesday or Thursday” release. I never trusted the Tuesday theory..!

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