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I didn't realize the symbolism of the Life Saver I saw today until I got home and read about my friend getting a lung transplant this week!!

I didn't realize the symbolism of the Life Saver I saw today until I got home and read about my friend getting a lung transplant this week!!

With the light quickly fading on Friday, Tom and I threw on the horse’s bridles and headed off bareback into the fields. It was a delightfully engaging ride:  trotting & cantering around the fields, around the orchard, up and down hills, & all without the cushion of a saddle. I was amazed how only a week ago I was still strapping on the oxygen tank and now here I was legs wrapped right around my pony as unencumbered as it gets! It was a fun thing to do and something I’ve not indulged in for many years. What’s more amazing is that my husband can do the bareback riding! As luck would have it we were not alone at the farm for peeping out of the woods we spied a deer. Then another, then suddenly there were THREE young deer chasing each other around in circles and galloping across the fields.  We watched silently this magical sighting from the backs of our likewise quizzical horses.  It was delightful: frolicking deer, sunset, crickets calling, the heron fishing, moon and Jupiter rising?! YES!!

Today we went to the Toronto Island for the wedding of friends.  The staff very kindly allowed me to eat first from the buffet table when I explained that my immune system was low due to transplant. It was the best wedding food I can remember: Lamb chops? Wicked!  The bride looked like a movie star, her groom a bit like Obama, and their young daughter nearly eclipsing them both! It was a lovely celebration, and oh so wonderful on the island: it’s own private wonderland. The ferry ride was a delight too, watching the skyline of Toronto get smaller… and such a fantastic treat to see the C.N. tower from that view, as opposed to the one from my hospital window.

And then I got home and found out that a fellow lung sufferer GOT HER TRANSPLANT this week! I am so excited for her: she waited a real long time and totally deserves this!  I’m sending her all my very best wishes for a smooth recovery!!! I like the symbolism of the life saver that I photographed on today’s ferry ride. Nice, eh?


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