Oh Summer, At last!

In Uncategorized on August 24, 2009 at 7:37 pm

Finally the temperature and my summer turn on!


We enjoyed a wonderfully healing week at a cottage near Sauble Beach Ontario with Tom’s family.We had our own little bunkhouse and did the typical wonderful healing cottage things I’ve grown up loving: reading by the lake, canoing, playing music (in the bunkie, on the deck by the moonlight, on the lawn by noonlight, on the beach, play play play: we brought ever instriment we owned!)…. we also had some extraordinary star gazing, and even swimming (with the aid of my waterproof piccline cover).  Hernry loved being able to trot down to the lake in the mornings and drink from the water’s edge. Sunsets were amazing. I even got to eat my favorite treat from the Crowd Inn @ Sauble beach, the Strawberry Funnel cake!


One sort of massive moment of realization came to me when I’d just finished running the length of our beachfront several times with Henry through the shallows. I stopped and then found myself a little out of puff. A LITTLE OUT OF PUFF! Holy cow! That’s massively awesome!!!!


On the way home we came to a garage sale at which there was an english saddle for sale. It happened to be in Tom’s exact size! I never whipped out $35 at a yard sale so fast in my life. Now Tom is the very proud owner of his own all purpose saddle, and I think has all the gear he could possibly want or need.  And riding feels nice now at 2.5 litres: I love the feeling of moving my body around again; look forward to it eagerly: nothing’s a greater relief than seeing the lung function slowly returning.

The summer gifts keep coming: I had an amazing night with the Alleycats, my swing band. (My first full night of singing jazz since the surgery!!!)   It was a reunion of sorts, because we had back with us the fabulous Kevin Clark on trumpet (in town on a brief stopover)  It was a strange feeling, like time travel: there I was singing in the same clothes with the SAME band singing the same songs but without any coughing. It was as though everything and nothing had changed. As though nothing momentous had happened, when really it had & through the miracle of organ donation there I stood belting them out with the band like I did as a younger woman. It was a truly amazing night for me to be re-united not only with a clear voice, but with my good ol’ band of Alleycats!

My goodness… On September 4th it will be ten months post surgery….

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