Cape Breton

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For a couple of summers now I’ve watched the planes come and go from the island airport at the foot of Strachan near my home. For those  years I’ve lamented how hard it was to fly with an oxygen tank (Air Canada are the like do NOT make travel for people on oxygen easy…)  For those years I’ve watched the planes take off imagining what travel would be like with good lungs. What places the airbuses deliver you too… what adventures could be had!

Well, folks, I’ve just had a refresher course in air travel. First of all, I *love* Porter Air.  I wore a full on Darth Vader style respirator on board to keep out “germs” (considering my low white count) and found them to be the most hassle-free, friendly, timely air service EVER: and located only five minutes from my door! Yes, indeed, Tom and I took the last fading days of his summer holiday and threw together a vacation down east.  Most wonderfully, at last I was finally *in* one of those aircraft looking out the window at the shoreline and the park!

Jumping for Joy in Nova Scotia!

Jumping for Joy in Nova Scotia!

In short form there was

*Eating seafood, eating and more eating. Seafood coming out my ears: LOVED IT!

*”Tanning” with the top down in our CONVERTIBLE car! (Our “motor boat” on wheels as it were)

*Great ocean vistas along the Cabot Trail and the National park… waterfalls, mountains, cliffsides…

*Great music, Cape Breton fiddle jams, and honky tonk country bands (my husband is a fine two-stepper doncha’ know! Tom was just so pleased to dance with me, and to “watch me run around Nova Scotia”)

*Amazing accomodations in Halifax, Cheticamp, Ingonish, and Baddeck, which variously included an upgrade to the “Oriental Wedding Suite” with an ornate bed fit for an emperor, an ocean front cottage, a cathedral ceiling suite overlooking a harbour/lighthouse, with balcony, jacuzzi tub, vistas galore. NICEY NICEY, so spoiled!

*and so much more! Yes, July was a rub, but August was a RIDE!

We shot over 500 photos: it was ridiculous!  Among them, and of interest to the blog, we shot a series of photos throughout the week on every beach we went on called “Alex running on a beach”.  We also shot, “Alex jumping on the Halifax Harbour”, etc, etc. I’ve included a handful here.

Running because I can, Cabot's Landing, Cape Breton Island...

Running because I can. Cabot's Landing, Cape Breton Island...

It’s hard to find the “highlights” when so MUCH was wonderful. I never crammed so much into a day on vacation before. (But easy to do in friendly beautiful Nova Scotia) Mostly I crammed so much in  because I felt so great! I could just go and go and go! Never tiring! It was FREAKY! I could run up stairs with luggage and walk all around a town…  I didn’t cough once: I just… can’t thank my donor enough…

How romantic: our footsteps in the sand...

How romantic: our footsteps in the sand...

I guess the best moment of the trip was realizing my life long dream of GALLOPING along the ocean.  Tom and I went on a trail ride in the Acadian region and had our photos taken right before we galloped like the wind through the sand. It was jaw dropping how fast these horses went! It was AWESOME!!! The ocean and the mountains our view… Then, the trail leader even encouraged us into the shallows and I got to ride in the surf!!!!! LIFETIME DREAM REALIZED!!!!!  After a few more gallops we got to ride about 100 yards through an amazing clear river than came up to the horses bellies. It was wicked beautiful…. and I just can’t thank my donor enough again…

DREAM OF A LIFETIME REALIZED! Alex and Tom just before our beach gallop.

DREAM OF A LIFETIME REALIZED! Alex and Tom just before our beach gallop.

It was sad to come home, but WOW – what a lot we packed into a short (6 day) trip.

My husband in overlooking the cliffs!

My husband in overlooking the cliffs!

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