Nuit Blanche : LIVE

In Uncategorized on October 5, 2009 at 3:13 am
Sign says " L I V E " at Toronto's City Hall

Sign says " L I V E " at Toronto's City Hall

A year ago this weekend I ate Chinese Food and then hooked up to my oxygen tank to walk to the end of my street to see an art exhibit for Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s Modern Art Fair. (This fair features modern art installations all over the city, and takes place one  October  night a year all night till dawn. It is best attended on foot walking between the different addresses as an “art crawl”).  That was as far as I could manage to walk: it was damp, which made me cough, and my oxygen tank was tedious to cart around “in the name of art”. I couldn’t walk fast enough to stay warm. It was an utter failure. As people went off to partake of the wacky art fair I went home to eat left over egg rolls.

Flash forward one year later. And one miracle later.  I realize I ate at the same Chinese food place last night, but this year my plans for Nuit Blanche were very much different, and I write to you tonight with two rather sore feet. Sore from walking for hours around Toronto late into the night. I have not walked this far or this long in about 5 years. I literally iced my feet upon returning home!  We saw all sorts of wacky outdoor exhibits, from a man rapelling from the Cameron House (the joint where I met my husband) & affixing large ants to the exterior, I saw people riding a giant midway “fun slide” in front of the Bank of Montreal Building in the heart of Toronto’s financial district (Baystreet), I saw weird and wacky art, and I saw one exhibit at Nathan Phillips Square that I want to tell you about. At Toronto’s City Hall, whose striking architecture one could imagine looks like two lungs, flashed text on a digital sign two hundred feet in the air: LIVE it said. I said quietly to myself, “Yessiree!”   It was a great moment. (Especially as the curvy double buildings look a bit like…lungs, Live you say? Sure!)

Today we ate the soup I made, the pie I baked, the stew I cooked (I never had the energy to cook pre-tx), rode my horse, and played hide and seek in the delightfully misty autumnal woods on horseback. LIVE. I’m only doing what the sign told me to do!


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