Aw, Spit!

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2009 at 3:17 am

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The bad news first:  I’ve been coughing up “junk”… and my lung function is down a little bit from my assessment last month. Docs tell me it is most likely something they found on my bronch which can be treated with antibiotic tablets over many months. A slow moving wrinkle that may take some time to resolve. The transplant team remind me often that “the first year is often the most challenging!” but I will say it hasn’t (yet) affected my riding, of which I’ve been enjoying plenty of on a pony strong with the autumn winds. This weekend a particularly wonderful ride with friends on new terrain brought thrilling orange and red cliff-side views and long runs in open fields with the brisk air in our nostrils!

In other news: Thanksgiving was canceled! Well, to explain: there was sickness in the family (cold season has arrived!) and so I spent the holiday long weekend, mostly with my animal friends, Henry-dog and Gypsy-pony! We had a grand time. Henry tried out some new Nigella Lawson recipes with me, and Gypsy ate the peelings from the apple pie I made.

HOWEVER, Thanksgiving was NOT canceled, really, for I am thankful EVERY DAY for the gift of life,  and for family and friends who’ve been supportive as always.  This weekend my friend Amy nearly got a lung transplant but had a false alarm. I am praying and hoping daily that she, and others on the waiting list, get their second wind soon! Please spread the word!

Now for the good, the new album has arrived! We got our CDs from the pressing plant! It’s always an exciting day when a shipment of a new album arrives. I type this amidst about 1000 shrink wrapped copies of the new disc, which will be released November 3rd @ Toronto’s Lula Lounge! $15 a ticket! Come out and hear the new lungs in action!

I played a jazz gig on Saturday which was a phenomenal success.  I just love singing all night and making a small difference in people’s lives. Giving back as it were, in the way I know how.

Speaking of making a difference, in the hallway at the hospital today I passed Dr.K, the surgeon who transplanted me.  As I was wearing a hospital mask he couldn’t see me smile in greeting to him, so I saluted him.  Because really he deserves my respect! And I thought after I passed him that I think I love him! Well,  I am certainly THANKFUL for his skill (sure, I make a small difference singing for people for a living, but THIS man… he literally puts people back together again & gives them back their life!)

‘Till next time!

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