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Last weekend I did a brave (maybe stupid) thing: I went to a music conference in Ottawa with our band, Lickin’ Good Fried.  It was a hotel packed with musicians and music-buyers and the like.  In I went, germ zapper around my neck ablaze!  Purell at the ready!  For a group of musicians, however, I was pleasantly surprised that they mostly seemed healthy. (No kidding!) My fear was  that I might catch flu or cold and be unable to do our press events and album launch over the next two weeks:  if I were to sound SICK it wouldn’t make the right impression on the public when I tried to make the claim later this month that “organ donation works!” I was pretty careful, I fancy, and sang well and gave sickos a wide berth.

Anyhow, the conference was great fun, I sang lots and I went to bed very late both nights.  In between, I visited a friend in the Byward market and took a lovely sunny  walk along Wellington and past the Rideau Canal locks, parliment (“where the idiots sit”, according to Dad!), and then past the beautiful and moving war memorial (pictured above) called the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”… Nearby a plaque read, “they gave their youth”, while around the square young men frolicked on skateboards… Had that been 1917 perhaps those boys might have been fibbing about their age to to enlist. Certainly gave me pause.

I loved walking around the city. I did it alone as Tom was back at the hotel making musical connections.  It felt great to be healthy enough to do active exploring all on my own!  Anyhow, a glorious day & a great walk. The Docs feel confident I’m on the right course with my new lung medications. They do warn that it might take weeks before it starts to improve though.  Even the occasional  cough hasn’t stopped me from intrepidly exploring Ottawa or from riding, however.  I love the autumn, as does Gypsy. Leaves are so wonderfully crunchy under-hoof this time of the year. I made this goofy video yesterday from horseback, in case you wonder what my view is…

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