Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Yourself….!

In Uncategorized on October 29, 2009 at 6:53 pm

When it rains it pours.

I am struck so often with the thought “make the most of every day!” Surely it seems there’s been a recent rash of tragic happenings and I just keep thinking, “holy crap, you just never know (when you might be next)!”  What better reason is there, what better lesson learned, than to go out and make the most of your life! Live every day fully. But not morbidly as though it’s your last day, but live joyously as if it’s your first day! Live with all the happy abandon of a child.

As I was plunged into another long pensive shower this week upon learning of another poor soul going to meet their maker (well, I learned of three such blessed souls within 12 hours) I could hear in my head the Guy Lombardo band singing, ‘Enjoy yourself, … it’s later than you think!” What a wry, darkly witty song. And there’s truth in that matter. I’ve long sung the tune “are you having any fun?” which begs the question, “what good is what you’ve got if you’re not having any fun?!”  And of course Louis Armstrong warns that “as long as you live you’ll be dead if you die”…. so for God’s sake, please don’t sweat the small stuff (as they  say)…Try and remind yourself what good you have in your life. It can be small stuff, like, “the milk was fresh this morning”, or, “the birds are singing today”. It can be big stuff too, like, “holy shit I can breath today!” This reminder is as much for myself as anyone! Yes, yes, enjoy yourself.  AND, sign up to become an organ donor, please!

What I am grateful for today; 1) the immunoglobulins may be working as my CMV is down to ZERO! (Insert *huge* sigh of relief here) 2) My white  count was actually within a NORMAL range for the first time in ages  which is a good defense to have during cold and flu season. 3) Oddly enough, I am glad that I am grumpy today, because Mom always said I was feeling strongest when I had the energy to get mad! 4) I am glad that Lickin’ Good fried are just days away from our new album launch! November 3rd at the Lula Lounge yeo!

I was just feeling a bit stressed by everything that’s going on in my life  so I took half an hour to clear my head and go for a lovely walk around Trinity Bellwoods Park. My aged dog Henry kept up a great pace and we jointly loved every moment of it: the yellow and gold leaves, the crisp air. Beautiful!  So please, don’t wait for tomorrow to find joy: try and find some today, in whatever way you know how

I feel this post would not be complete without Doris Day singing “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!” Dear Doris makes this song sound positively, er, perky!

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