A Year Ago…

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2009 at 4:57 pm

A year about this time a surgeon had just been to see me. I was given the green-light to proceed to the O.R, and he had just signed his initials on my chest for proof.  As he did this I remember looking across at Tom with amazed eyes that said, “HOLY COW: ITS REALLY GONNA HAPPEN!”  My family around me, we prepared for what was to be a miraculous day and an even more miraculous year. At 1 o’clock pm I was rolled into the OR after saying loving farewells to my family. Surreal.

Yesterday I did my “Great Ontarian  Radio Tour” hitting, AM680, AM740, and CBC to raise awareness for organ donation. Then last night we had a great concert for a warm crowd with both the Alleycats and Lickin’ Good Fried (who launched our new CD). I sang into the night and never felt tired. Musically it was thrilling (for those who missed it, stay tuned, the concert will be aired on CBC Radio 2!)

After the show I met a wonderful woman who told me that her son had given his organs when he passed. It was a sobering sublime moment amongst all the happiness. As I gave her a hug I was speechless.  I may never know my donor’s family, so meeting her was very emotional because I know that she could see the joy that’s returned into our lives as the results of my kind donor, and I could see in her eyes the pride c0mingling with sadness as she told me.  So, if I haven’t said it yet today, THANK YOU to my donor and their family. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.


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