Oh My Goodness — THE WEATHER! And some numbers.

In Uncategorized on November 16, 2009 at 3:33 am

I have ridden my horse every day this week. WHAT AN AUTUMN!

Usually as we head into the Royal Winter Fair & the Santa Claus Parade we are getting our first taste of snow… but not this year! I’ve ridden every day outdoors – 6 days running.

You see, it’s  all about LIVING. I have to remind myself of this because with recent events in the transplant community (some ailing badly) and with Tom’s very beloved God-Mother passing away this week I just NEED to feel the GOOD in life.  As my transplant friend Bree reminded me, “some astronomically bad things have happened in our lives — but some astronomically GOOD things have too!”  So, to honour my donor, and for the sheer LOVE of LIVING I took every spare hour I could and spent it with Gypsy this week! Yesterday we rode bareback through the leaves and Tom joined on Mister. The sun was warm, and the warm  horses between our legs made it extra toasty. Today pony and I galloped in the field because it felt great. IT FELT GREAT! The fresh air on my face, the unadulterated wind up my nostrils, the sound of her hooves galloping along.

Also,  DAD is feeling MUCH BETTER this weekend, (hopefully discharged soon). Oh, and on Friday I got to sing at The Rex. I’m back again on Friday the 20th of November, (4-6pm) filling in for my friend Terra Hazelton with the Hogtown Syncopaters . It’s as great jazz band and I’ve known them for years & they were tickled to see and hear me sounding strong… although I was nursing a bit of a cough, as a result of immuno supression. DAMNIT. Can’t say this doesn’t petrify me, although I’m taking pills for it. (Speaking of immune systems, at the recommendation  of the transplant team I was immunized against H1N1, as was Tom. )

I needed to cheer myself up a bit (just feeling a bit anxious and blue of late, despite all the horsing around and dog walking) so I visited the Trillium Gift for Life webpage.  Here’s where it stands currently;

Picture 5

See how many lives can be changed when you sign your donor card? TGH have already done more than the 84 lungs transplanted in 2008 — but lesss than 2007’s whopping 99 transplants. LET’S MAKE 2009 THE BEST YEAR TO DATE! If you are 16 or older  you can sign your consent when you renew your OHIP, drivers license or On line. Also, it’s critical you TALK TO YOUR LOVED ONES about your desire to donate posthumously.  You can specify and donate certain organs, or chose to donate all of them. (You can specify! Isn’t that great?!) Age is also not a factor.  One of Tom’s school students proudly confessed that they had decided to become an organ donor (out of the mouths of babes!), and one of the oldest donors was 90+ years old!

As you can see below, we’re still struggling to keep up with “supply and demand” and NOT ONE soul should have to die for want of organs.

Picture 6 22-07-22For full statistics visit here.

Ciao my lovelies!



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