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As I washed dishes this morning I heard Tom shout, “I’m reading the Toronto Star online… Natalia got her lung transplant!” I dropped the pot scraper in disbelief, mouth agape, the news of it sifting in. I asked him to repeat himself (almost in disbelief!) I came running into the room looking over his shoulder at the screen which heralded the happy news. I turned my back, goosebumps coming all over, stood at the window and said grateful prayers while tears sprang forth.

Natalia has been in the news a lot lately bravely & candidly putting forth her story in an effort to bring attention to our low donor rates. She is a fellow CFer who’d been very ill and put on a ventilator recently and made top priority for transplant. She is the mother of a baby girl, amazingly brave, determined, and hopeful in the face of the menace of CF.

Hearing her news of hope I thought immediately of our first few days post transplant, of what lies ahead for her. And then my mind rushed forward to that image of her pushing her daughter through the park in her stroller. I am so happy and so praying that she makes a smooth recovery and can see this happen.

Thank you to her donor family. Sometimes there *is* good news in the paper after all….

In other news, Dad is looking fantastic, in fact, better than he has in a couple of months. We visited him today after riding and told him of Tom’s adventures in the saddle today on this, his first day of “horse shopping”. (Gypsy wants a sibling). Oh boy… this could be a long process. In any event, folks, live your life fully, every day! I’m onto my one year post tx assessment this week: bronch, exercise test, etc. Wish me luck. As always, pray for a rejection free biopsy.

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