Clinic findings…

In Uncategorized on November 29, 2009 at 6:08 pm

Well, my doc today did say that it *is* unusual for a tx patient to have had all the various infections that I have/had post transplant. (I ask myself why I’ve always been a bit of a medical exception to the rule….) I mean, it’s normal to have *some*, but I am the not-so-lucky recipient of quite a few of them. Little ol’ me!

As always it’s a shifting changing “work in progress” for me on the other side of transplant.  Sure I feel like I spend ridiculous amounts of time in waiting rooms, labs, etc, etc, (and I do, in fact, have a bout three apointments per week on average)  but on the whole my quality of life is so improved at this stage.

Sure the wrinkles are scary. I’m not kidding you. I get scared, but we take them as they come. What choice have we got? It’s like before with my CF lungs: I didn’t have a choice but to fight and try my best. Nothing changes.

So… it’s looking sort of possible that I gotta’ go on some i.v. anti-biotics to fight this current infection. And an inhaled anti-biotic too. Wah! It’s just a bit too familiar: like my old CF life, morning and evening masks, hanging ivs…. but this is the trade off I make for getting to ride my horse again, to sing, to romp around Queen street. To LIVE. The immuno supressants necessary to prevent rejection increase your risk of infection. It’s part of “the new deal”.

Well, so that’s all I got tonight. I’m just in from a nice brisk walk in the cool night air. It was delightful. Seriously. Tomorrow AM… yummy radio active sandwich for breakfast. I’m not even kidding!


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