Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance!

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Swing, sister, swing!

Hey folks!

I just had a great weekend of singing…. and dancing!

Friday  the jazz trio played at the Old Mill: it was so lovely: a very warm listening audience around the grand piano. To my heart’s delight it was a full & appreciative crowd *including* my Mother *and* Father! Great to see them “making the scene” again.  Dad delighted in the dessert menu while I got to indulge myself playing some new (to us) old tunes, and the audience let me indulge myself by telling them the history of the songs they were hearing.

Saturday we took the dog to the vet for his regular arthritis shot, and walked by the Bradley House museum down a trail near the waterfront: Henry jogged along off leash and it did my heart gladly to see him and Tom on the trail. Luckily a large fence separated us from the Petro-can land where Tom spotted a five point buck! Old dog or no, Henry would’ve tried to give chase.  (The squirrel-killing, raccoon-murdering, deer-chasing, porcupine-terrorizing dog of ours will probably die in mortal combat with a black bear!)

Saturday night I had yet another gig, this time with my jazz quartet for the swing dancing crowd at the Dovercourt House Ballroom.  Now, they chose to put us in the penthouse suite, 3rd floor.  And while I was winded at the top of six flights of stairs, I made it: I would have needed oxygen or to be carried pre-tx! (This windedness I am hoping is merely lack of fitness. My exercise test in the assessment this week had slid back to my May level of fitness… but I’ve battled considerable things since then in my lungs and body. I am hoping all can be regained.)

Well, so I thought I’d give a shout out to my swing dancing friends (Hi Brooke!) and just say that you are, as always, inspirational.( None of YOU all were winded at the top of the stairs!) Basically in lindy hop the woman runs back and forth, so I even tried to have a few dances myself, which was both humbling, challenging, and at once familiar.  My first dance of the night was with my friend Kevin, a wonderful guy.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer about the  same time as I was listed for transplant & I’m pleased to say that last night the two of us “survivors” had a brisk dance together.  I was totally  out of puff, but this is way more fun than doing aerobics in a gym.  I followed this with a few more dances with old friends which felt warm and comfortable.  A nice way to spend an evening.

At one point one of the more advanced dancers came up and requested something “fast!”…. I let him chose the tempo and BY THUNDER it was insanely fast, and all the hotshots formed a dance jam circle in front of the band and there followed the fastest and most energetic display of dance as I’ve seen in quite some time! My kudos to you, oh fit and fantastic ones! And, to have the dancers applaud for the band, and bow to us (literally, it was charming) after THEY had been entertaining US, was quite surreal. I love playing for them: it’s utterly entertaining and better than cable television.

So… still awaiting pathology on the bronch: maybe Monday? I can’t say that it doesn’t petrify me, so I’ll just try and keep busy until then….

In the meatime, has posted on their web-site the interview I gave with morning host Ralph Benmurgui.  Check it out!

Early morning radio... I need a coffee!

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