The Glamour and the Gore!

In Uncategorized on November 29, 2009 at 6:10 pm

I often find my life a strange confluence of opposites! For one, I am a singer born with lung disease. (She “makes beautiful music” but her lungs were far from beautiful) How incongruous is that? And then there’s the whole “country mouse/city mouse” existence I inhabit. One minute riding a sweaty horse around a hay field, the next on stage downtown in heels singing a torch song.

Well, today I had a camera down my throat, and into my lungs to take a look round and do biopsies for my one year post lung assessment. I don’t know what sort of a secretary I am, but a damned poor one: I have TWO gigs scheduled this weekend and my throat feels like I’ve passed an elephant through it!

But anyhow, if that’s the GORE, then here’s the GLAMOUR: Last week I got to be a “model for a day!” Elle Canada is graciously covering our story for their February issue (to hit stands in January). This involved an interview and an all day photography session in Valentino shoes, vintage jewels and gown, the whole deal. It was pretty cool getting fluffed by their glam squad: but will you recognise me?! I was given blond extensions for the event because the CMV treatment caused my hair to get quite straggley.    So…I’ll appear to have a thick mane of curls again thanks to the Elle people. ( And they will airbrush away my iv piccline, too, as all the dressed they “pulled” were sleeveless).

It was a crazy week: riding horse on Wednesday afternoon (and shooing about 75 Canadian geese from the riding ring) the next day I pretended like I knew what to do in front of a team of fashion magazine people, then the following day I sat in a hospital bed picking the glue out of my scalp from the hair extensions while I got my immunoglobulin iv, and capped it off with a mad dash to the Rex where I again donned a dress and sang for a couple hours. See what I mean? I’m awash in variety and contradictions! Wait — athlete? model? patient? working girl? Who is Alex Pangman: the answer, ALL these things! And, I am reallllly hoping to put a human face to organ donation & with these lungs, to sing and spread the good word of hope.

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