This is December?

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2009 at 12:01 am

I know it won’t last long, in fact the cold temps and precipitation are on their way now…

But today, on December 2nd, it was 9 degrees… I went for a sunny walk in the woods on Gypsy.

We could smell the woods, the leaves, the fresh air… and I am grateful and thankful for that opportunity. (I think this extended fall has in some measure made up for the time I spent in hospital this summer!)

Coming indoors this winter will be tough. Not because we’ve enjoyed such a great outdoor year, but because Gypsy’s breathing is poorly of late. The second she gets into the indoor ring to exercise she coughs.  I’m not sure what we can do to manage these symptoms, but it breaks my heart. Cough meds, big dose anti-inflamatories, bronchodilators and the like serve to help her COPD. The Docs say there is no cure for that. We soak her hay, we give her lots of turnout (not night-times though, she fusses to come in) and we maybe get her horsie breath-right strips? perhaps a dust mask for the riding ring (a panty hose over her nose). It hurts me so much to see my pal suffering in the lungs.  Especially as she has so much zip in her spirit!  It doesn’t seem right that now we are felled again by lung disease. But, like I said earlier, it was a great summer and so we’re grateful for that.

Is it greedy to want more of the good times and the good health?


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