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"God Bless Us Everyone!" (Tiny Tim)

As I write this the snow has finally arrived in Toronto, and baby? it’s cold outside!

Life has been busy.

My one year bronch showed “inflammation”, but they didn’t get good enough samples to ascertain if there is any rejection. Not sure if this means we repeat the test, but I’d be okay with that. The antibiotics I’ve been inhaling are helping with my cough. It’s pretty much stopped which is a HUGE relief.

I’ve been gigging a lot lately which is pure joy. Earning cash again is amazing! Like Tom said, “people often feel enslaved to their jobs, but for you it signifies freedom!”  And he’s right. And joy. I’m so joyful for the chance to sing!

Last week I played a swing dance on Friday which was fun, as always. I even had a dance with a good old friend and had the pleasure of dancing while conducting a conversation at the same time and never having to gasp for air or words. Another huge thanks to my donor!

In any event, it turns out one of the swing dancers has CF.  She’s a great little dancer too, but because the CF department frowns on it’s patients having social contact, I have actually had to ask that she not come to our shows.  These dances are hot sweaty & moist events & we might bounce infections around between each other in that environment. Even though we both LOOK healthy, this is for the greater good. Sucks though.

Speaking of CF, I sang for the Saint Mikes Hospital Respirology Staff Christmas party! It was fantastic to see everyone again after not having seen them since the week before my transplant. To see Dr. Tullis after such a year was fantastic. I got quite emotional, and enjoyed re-uniting with all the wonderful staff & nursing family again (those 6bond nurses sure know how to party!)  As Tom so eloquently put it, they played such a huge role in getting me to where I am now.

I have been filling in at the Rex hotel again singing for my friend Terra Hazelton who has been off filming a movie! Anyhow, it is a hoot to play for the people and nice that my sister and mom could come out (Jennifer is in town for the holidays).

Last weekend “the great horse search” continued for Tom. He rode a big gentle gelding that  he quite likes, named “Bruce”. We are having the vet take a look at him next week to make sure he’s all sound. If he passes inspection we will buy him and Gypsy will have a turnout partner, and Tom a project!

I wish I could say that I was “all sound”.  I’m not sure how but I’ve torn my meniscus. That means my knee is locked. I started physio last night: they even did acupuncture. Damn knee. If I can get through a lung transplant, hopefully I will ride again as soon as this knee is addressed. In keeping with the season, I now have a cane, much like Tiny Tim!

We were just up in Owen Sound at the inlaws and it is a winter wonderland!  Henry had a great time galloping around the snowy woods but his foot is in a bad way. The poor old fella has a growth on his toe. The vet is treating it with antibiotics, although they propose amputation.

This was followed by the ultimate in Canadian experiences, a horse ride through 3 foot deep snow drifts: now THAT’s horsepower!  The sounds of the hooves squeaking in the snow, snorting, blowing, snow flakes on my glasses. Awesome. In my sickly state over the last several years I was simply unable to enjoy this great pleasure and so the mere fact that I was able to ride outdoors in the cold temps in the snow without a tank of oxygen brilliantly washed over me as we rode along the drifting snow!

Pray for the resolution of this knee injury.  Pray for Henry’s toe, and that Bruce will fit under the tree for Tom! Pray that everyone who needs a transplant gets it soon,

Have a safe and happy holidays! God bless us, everyone!


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