Limping into the Holidays!

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Lickin Good Fried as photographed by Iner Souster at The 6th.

Here’s a photo from our gig last weekend with Lickin’ Good Fried. You can see it’s a very cool space at our friends gallery, “The Sixth”.  Don’t you all think the cane was a nice look? Very chic, non?  However, it was useful for stage as we share the microphone between us all in this band and there’s a little “dance” that takes places around the mike as we share. Having the cane meant I didn’t wrench my knee in the process of said dance.

(On a funny note, the bass player in the opening band was actually my music teacher in grade 8 who even remembered that I wasn’t allowed to play clarinet any more (because of my lungs) & so remembered me as a drummer)

Physio is going well and I’ve gotten signifigant range of motion back in the knee and the swelling is going down. However, I do have the odd uncomfortable step that sends me to cringe.  Hopefully though it heals on it’s own –as it may– without needing surgery.  I was able to ride, albeit bareback– the other day.  I will have to stay away from stirrups while it mends. It felt really nice to excercise,  and now I’m even allowed and encouraged to ride the stationary bicyle. At this rate I may be able to get the leg straight soon.

It all seems pretty small compared to the sufferings some of my friends are enduring presently, waiting for transplant or recovering from it.  My big complaint at present (aside from the knee) is that the mild cold I had last week has robbed me of my tastebuds, and I am really hoping they return for turkey time this Christmas!!! Right now I can’t smell or taste a darned thing: it’s quite bizarre!

Speaking of christmas, our Christmas Gift jazz CD is now selling on ITUNES, and you can download for purchase some or all of that cheerful holiday disc at the above link.

Oh! We had the horse vetted this afternoon.  I was reminded by the vet that “no horse is perfect”, as is the case with this guy.  However, Gypsy did not pass her vet inspection back in 1989 (not with flying colours anyhow)  but we bought her anyhow and it’s been 20 years!  We await the results of joint and hoof xrays as I write. Tom enjoyed helping the vet by acting as an extra xray technician.  The horse was suprisingly tolerant of all the poking and prodding: and I do mean poking and prodding. This Doc was thorough! He was pinched, pushed, had a light shone in his eyes, had his tonge grabbed, his blood drawn, his sides poked, etc etc etc.   And through it all he smiled as only a horse can and looked about curiously.  Hopefully he passes. I pray he does. Come on xrays! Big decisions ahead.

UPDATE: It is with regret that we’ve heard from the vet that the horse did not pass the xray test.  Apparently the poor guy has some problems that will proclude us from taking him on.  I am so sorry about this because he really is a great horse and I could see he and Tom really becoming a beautiful partenership, however we just can’t be taking on those potential burdens. Oh well…. I’m pretty blue about it, but back to the drawing board I suppose.

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